GST owners...since it has no "feet" do you put it on the floor?

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  1. Since the GST is really too big to put on your lap if you're out having lunch or getting a manicure, do you put it on the floor? I can't believe this bag doesn't have "feet"!!!!:confused1:
    Maybe with the price increase they'll add feet?:idea:
  2. I can't believe I did this, but I put my GST (black/silver) on the floor at the food court at the mall! That is SO unlike me; I swear I was having a senior moment LOL!! (I'm old, I can say that!)

    The bag was no worse for the wear. I wiped it down with a lysol wipe very gently over the bottom when I got home.
  3. :roflmfao: Too funny! Maybe next time you could wipe the floor with the lysol, let it dry, and then place the GST on the floor? ;) I have a Chloe Paddington which I don't let get wet, so when I'm at the hair salon I put it UNDER the robe they have you wear while I'm getting my hair washed. I always hope that no one watches me do that.
  4. i only put it on the floor at home in my bedroom... usually when i go out to eat i'll put it next to me or hanging on the chair.
  5. I don't have a GST, but I would never put it on the floor if I did!
  6. So far, I haven't had to put it on the floor. I've been able to sit it on something or a chair.

    I do agree, it should have had feet. That really surprises me. I still love it though.

    Side note - My new Cotton Club Tote has feet and is smaller than the GST.
  7. I do not put it on the floor, but even if it had feet I do not think I would!
  8. I put mine on the floor usually, its i don't worry, but for my light Chanels, i carry its dustcover inside it and line floor with that and then my baby sits on top of the dustcover i'm such a clever girl LOL
  9. If there is a chair I put it on the chair, if it's hard to put it on the back of my chair, I put in on my purse hook. I don't care if it looks weird, I'm protecting my baby! :yes:
  10. i never put my bags on the floor - feet or not! i will either find an empty chair, hang it on my chair, or sit uncomfortably on the edge of a chair to put my bag behind me. it would be nice to have feet on the GST for extra insurance though
  11. ^i'm the same as you, GinGin! i would rather sit uncomfortably with my bag behind me on the chair than put it on the ground. i would never ever put a bag on the floor of my own will. you would have to force me to do it, lol!
  12. sorry, but what does "feet" mean?hehe...
  13. I don't think I would've bought my GST if it had feet on the bottom. It would just change the look of the bag to me. That being said, I would rather sit on the floor and put my bag on the chair than put my GST down hehe!
  14. maybe this is barbarian of me, but i just ordered one and I feel like of course I will set it on the floor (granted the *right kind* of floor -- clean, nice, no bubble gum, not outside). Don't burn me at the stake but even if they are beautiful, luxurious, expensive bags, at the end of the day they are just that -- BAGS. They are meant to be loved/enjoyed.

    Or at least that's why I bought mine. If i can't resell it in 5 years because it has a little love on the edges/bottom, so be it. I don't buy things expecting that kind of return anyway... and at least I'll know I got my monies worth out of it?
  15. Honu,
    If a purse hook is what I think it is, where did you get it?
    I could definitely use one!

    For the person who wanted to know what "feet" are, they are usually metal "things" that are sometimes shaped like feet for a whimsical look, or just round metal "stubs" that are attached to the bag and raise the bag off the ground when it's set down. They are usually on very large or tote type bags. My E/W Lamberson Truex bag has cute little LT signature metal feet.