GST Owners: How Do You Carry It?

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  1. I've been debating about keeping or returning my new GST. I have back problems and tendenitis in my left arm on and off...getting old lol. I love the look of the GST, but am wondering how you wear yours and is it comfortable. I don't carry much (lipstick, wallet and phone). Do you carry yours by hand, on the shoulder, crook of the arm or all three? This sounds like a silly question, but I'm curious.
  2. Not a silly question at all, and thanks for asking it. I took my GST out of the box yesterday having not worn it in a few months, and was debating whether to sell it or not. I was trying how it looked and how comfortable it felt carrying it in different ways. I also carry only a few items like you. I definitely preferred it most on the crook of my arm, or in my hand. I don't find it too comfortable on the shoulder, one strap is always falling down. I do love the look of the bag, so I think I'll keep it. It's nice to own a tote, very convenient sometimes.:smile:
  3. I don't carry too much either, wallet, 2 makeup bags, sunglasses, iPhone. I carry it on my shoulder. I've found if I tuck one strap under the other it stays put. On trips I'll put more in it, but I really like being able to just reach in and get what I need out easily. If it's raining I'll add an umbrella.
  4. I have not had much luck with the GST. The boxy nature of the bag always made the bag difficult to carry over the shoulder. Carrying it crook of the arm did not work for me because the straps were too long to be carried this way. I own shoulder bags and handle bags from a lot of different brands, and felt that this was by far the most impractical for me. Sold it and don't regret it all.
  5. I have back problems and tennis elbow too but I actually just bought my second GST! I really like this bag because I can carry it 3 different ways when my pains bother me. I find it you cross the handles when you carry it on your shoulder, having one slip off is no longer an issue. I happen to carry a lot of stuff so the size is great, but if it's not something you truly love and think you'll get good use out of, I say return it and save the money to put towards a bag you absolutely love :smile:.
  6. What I found is that if I kick the bag back a little bit, it actually sits comfortably on my shoulder without straps falling off

    Initially I went back and forth with it but now I fell in love with it

    I use mine as work bag so I only carry it from my car to my office and it is manageable. And I don't load it to full capacity

    If you find it to heavy, then I'd recommend the shopping fever or chic and soft tote. I really love the chic and soft tote and it comes in black, ivory cream color and navy
  7. I agree with Calflu, when you want to carry for long periods of time carry the bag with the straps on your shoulder but the bag behind your arm kind of, toward your back. Stays there beautifully...and makes it very easy to carry. I really love my GST...