GST owners: Any regrets or drawbacks, pros/cons?

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  1. I'm seriously considering getting a GST. But I don't consider myself a classic Chanel girl - at all! But I am in need of a tote.

    I have a few Chanels already but nothing I would consider classic.

    So I'm ready to hear your opinion!
  2. The biggest con for me is the straps. One always seems to fall off the shoulder and who has time to be doing the ol' put one strap under the other one all the time. And while its a big bag, you dont forget for one minute that you are indeed carrying a BIG bag. Pros, hm, its a nice looking bag and can hold items such as magazines or a folder/file rather nicely if needed. I think the center compartment throws off the bag though and you cant put as much in the bag because of it.
  3. Hi, its funny cause i actually returned my gst yesterday to saks and pre sold a jumbo flap instead..I absolutely love big bags but like Luccibag mentioned above, it really is bulky and difficult to carry, its boxy and i just didnt find it to be a comfortable bag..The cerf tote i have is alot more comfortable and you feel as if your wearing your bag no as if your pocketbook is wearing you.. it is a beautiful bag but i also felt a bit mature wearing it, im 24 and i saw a swarm of older women wearing them...if you dont have a tote and are in the market for a chanel one i would go for a cerf or a cambon tote( i have it and its extremely light and comfortable)...hope this helps you
  4. Hey Sherry!

    The only drawback is the strap issue, as mentioned above. It's not a huge problem for me because I don't mind carrying a bag on the forearm and if I push it behind me when on the shoulder it will stay put for awhile. I love taking my GST to places like the nail or hair salon where I don't have to worry about it getting ruined and need to carry a lot of stuff, like magazines, water bottle, reading glasses, sunglasses, wallet, etc. The compartments are so handy, as well as the inside pockets and back pocket!

    I have the old caviar and am not really sold on the new washed caviar in terms of the bag holding it's shape over the long-term. I don't really know if the GST in washed caviar is worth the new price point.
  5. Another drawback for me is the interior is material. I actually would feel safer carrying a bottled water or drink in my jumbo flap than a GST! I once had my lipgloss come loose from my makeup case and of course it had a little gloss around the edges of the cap and it smudged the interior a bit. In my opinion, GST would get ruined before a Jumbo would. I love leather lined bags.
  6. Really? Has to be able to carry a water bottle. Never even thought of a JUMBO?

    But I do like the way the GST looks like it would just sit right and not slouch - KWIM?

    And as Roey said (Hi Roey!!), I would probably never worry about the caviar.
  7. For me it felt a bit bulky (I felt like I was walking w/my arm on L shape:graucho:), so instead ended up purchasing the Large DS tote (which it molds to your body, if that makes any sense?) and it's the same size as the GST.
  8. I agree the straps can fall off your shoulder when you least expect them to.....but I own the bag in white, black, beige and love it......holds a lot more than the jumbo and is easier to reach in and grab., is a workhorse, I have taken it on trips and on everyday grocery, mall forays and it has performed very well. I have both the old shinier caviar and the newer washed caviar., love both. Everyone needs to have one GST.:heart:H
  9. I don't own it but I have to say that if you want to cram all your stuff in, the GST doesn't seem like the best option b/c there is only a small portion of it that zips closed. It seems like stuff would easily fall out not to mention it is bulky.
  10. The thing about the jumbo is its lined in leather so I dont worry about it half as much as i did with my gst which has fabric interior. Its harder to keep clean and wipe down.
  11. Hey....wait a minute! I just bought one (pre-sale at Saks to pick up Thursday) after I kept hearing how everyone who had them loved them. Now....on this thread, it seems that everyone hates them. It is making me have second thoughts! Where are all the gals that love their GST? :hrmm:
  12. hahah LV devotee, you will love the bag, it's a classic bag that wil l give you many years of good quality, its very funtional and beautiful, I know you got the white right? That is gorgeosu, I love gst, even though I havent used mine yet, I will someday!
  13. Just the shoulder thingy for me too. It is also very thick to carry under the arm. I thought about getting one again, but changed my mind.
  14. Hi Maxter, I totally understand ur dilema, it took me a couple yrs to finally buy the GST. It's a beautiful looking bag but when I tried it on it was rather bulky/boxy under my arm and I'm a smushy bag kinda girl. Then I found a lambskin/calfskin version from 06 that is less boxy and I love the way it looks though I have to be honest that i haven't warn it, but dont want to get rid of it b/c its the most gorgeous shade of chocolate brown ever!

    And yes the straps fall off, but many of my chanels have this issue.
  15. Maxter - I had a GST for three months. It sat in my closet before I sold it to a friend! It was uncomfortable for me to wear, but I do love it on other people!

    I absolutely adore my blue LAX tote. It has one strap and it's very soft and lightweight. For being a softer bag, it really does hold its shape well. It comes in two different sizes and in cream, black and red.

    If I didn't already have this LAX tote I would definitely get the E/W tote that is out now but the one that is more N/S than E/W. God, I am lusting after that bag!

    There are other totes besides the GSt...keep looking, you'll find one that's right for you!