GST owners...a question

  1. Inside the GST, there is a little ring on one side. Does Chanel make a small pochette that can be attached there? Would it look silly to attach an LV one? I was thinking of using it for additional items that I want to keep safe, but that don't fit in the middle zipped compartment.
  2. I noticed the same thing today on my GST. I think it would look fine to attach an LV pochette there. It would serve the purpose fine.
  3. Would you get a mini or a regular size one? Which color do you think would look good?
  4. I'd get the mini. I think a normal sized one would be too clunky in there. Hm, I'd get a damier to go with my beige. What color is your GST?
  5. I LOVE the Epi pochettes! How about a red one or the pomme ones?
  6. I have a black one with S/H. Lucci, I love your beige one. You have the most beautiful bags! I actually bought mine after seeing yours.:smile:
  7. So happy to hear I helped enable!:tup: It was really hard for me to resist the black with s/h! Congrats on a gorgeous bag!
  8. Good to know - When I get my black GTS- I was planning on using my LV accessories with it-I'm too lazy to change wallets etc-
  9. I use my LV damier accessories inside alot of bags -- they seem to go well with lots of different colors.
  10. I have the tiny LV trunks and bags mini would go cute inside my GST too...hmmmm...!
  11. Great idea!:idea:
  12. Ooops, all this time I've been attaching my key chain to that inside metal loop! (It's a Prada reddish fuschia teddy bear "trick" one). My LV cosmetic case doesn't have a chain so that's loose in my GST. :smile:

  13. I think it really is meant for the keychain! The teddy bear trick is so cute! I was just thinking of using it to give me a bit of additional safe storage space.
  14. I carry my pomme clés in that ring, looks fab!!
  15. I never would've thought of doing that, but I think it would look great!