GST or Timeless Zippered Shopping Tote?

  1. Which one do you guys prefer and why? I got the GST last week in black and although its gorgeous, I'm wondering if it might be too big & boxy? The Timeless Zippered tote is like a mini-version of the GST so I might exchange it for this instead. Your thoughts are much appreciated :smile: Everyone knows what the GST looks like, but here are some pics of the zippered tote, borrowed from the reference library:
    attachment-1.jpeg ptshttimeless.jpg NicoleAppleton.jpg
  2. i prefer the zip top tote because the GST was too big and boxy on me. I love the look of both though!!
  3. Sheanabelle: That's what I'm worried about. The GST doesn't look "too" big on me, but it is quite a bulky bag. Hey, but isn't that a GST in your aviatar?
  4. I have both and to me, they are two completely different styles. Now, I own the large timeless zippered tote, and it is much bigger than the GST; much bigger. If you're thinking about getting the medium sized one (which is the one most people see out and about), then go with it- it does not have that boxy shape at all.

    Have to say, that the GST is an elbow bag, NOT a shoulder bag for me; too small. The medium timeless tote is in that same catagory.
  5. that is the petite timeless tote in sheanabelle's avie..

    i just got the GST and love it, but i may want the petite tote in beige w/ gold hw... i find i dont really need the GST because i rarely carry that many things with me.
  6. I like the zippered tote.. cuz it looks safer to be carried out!
  7. I found the petite shopper tote to be too bulky under my arm. I couldn't wear it on my shoulder comfortably. I had to push it to the back and it was sooo uncomfortable, and I don't have thick arms either. I think it's more of a hand-carried/crook of arm bag. The GST is better IMO.
  8. I have the timeless zipped tote and loved it! its perfect for day and not too big for night. GST is too big and more boxy for me. anyway, im petite so zipped timeless tote is great! either one, you will love it! good luck!
  9. thanks for posting this - I've been thinking about both bags too.
    I've only seen the petit in person, can someone tell me the dimensions of the medium timeless tote?
    I'd really appreciate it :smile:
  10. I have a GST and love it but am also thinking of getting a Timeless Tote. Does the Timeless come in silver hardware? What is the approx price of the timeless tote?
  11. the petite timeless tote does not come with silver hardware. Only gold. The price of this bag is now $2125
  12. Really?? It's $2125 in Canada...or so I thought. All I know is that it costs more than the GST.
  13. Yes, the timeless tote only comes in gold hardware. Even though I usually go with silver h/w, I actually prefer the gold h/w on the timeless tote and the GST. It's just so hard to decide between the two~ the GST is so chic and makes a statement, but the timeless tote is cute & functional!
  14. The timeless tote is more than the GST in Canada? REALLY? But it's so much smaller! When I bought my GST last week at Holts, it was $2050 CDN. I thought the timeless tote would be substantially less!

    Karman, yours is the GST right? Did you consider the timeless tote too when you bought it and why did you end up choosing the GST over the timeless?
  15. does anyone have a medium timeless tote?
    I's really like to get the dimensions