GST or PST - help please?!

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has both of these bags and could give me pros and cons of each? I've been debating for a while and I just cannot make up my mind. It doesn't help that I can't check them out in real life!

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  2. I have a GST and it has to be one of my favorite, most versatile bags. I debated between getting the PST & the GST. The deciding factor for me was knowing I could carry more OR less with the GST, but it would always be less with a PST. I think the GST is just a more well rounded bag over all. Hope this helps.
  3. Thank you. Do you know what the difference in size is? I don't carry that much generally, the biggest bag I have to date is an LV Speedy 25.
  4. image.jpg Maybe this will help. GST and Speedy 25...
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  5. image.jpg And side by side. Good luck choosing. Hard to go wrong with Chanel!
  6. For me at least, the PST is too small for an everyday bag. On the other hand, the GST is just a tiny bit too large for everyday... Its also a tad boxy, and it doesn't stay on my shoulder all too well. Despite that Its still a gorgeous bag. That being said, I would still choose the GST, as it is a more useful bag and it's classic Chanel. Also, it's getting rarer and more desirable now that it is discontinued.
  7. +1
  8. I have both and use them equally but I do downsize to a smaller wallet/card case and cosmetic case when I use the pst. I rotate bags frequently though. It really depends what you carry. The gst, although obviously bigger, has a zippered divider in the middle so it can affect how your things fit inside. Hope this helps!
  9. Love my two GSTs as I carry everything with me!
  10. i have a PST and a PTT, the PTT is kinda in the middle of the PST and GST. i also do not carry a lot and find the PST is just fine. you might want to consider weight as well (weight of the bag alone and when full). the PST is very light to carry and doesn't feel heavy even when full. i don't own one, but have heard the GST can get heavy to carry. and the PTT, which is a medium tote, is VERY heavy because it's all chain strap. if your fave bag is the speedy 25 the PST would be great and the GST would be too much room imo. i'm a speedy 25-size person myself and even find it hard to fill that. there is no top secure closure on the PST or GST too, keep in mind, just a magnet for PST and center zip for GST, and the items in my PST often have to stand up instead of lay flat in order to organize better
  11. GST hands down. The PST looks a little odd to me.
  12. I have both, a PST in grey with silver h/w & a GST in beige with gold h/w.
    Being petite (159 cm) I find the PST works well for me. Moreover, I seldom carry much.
    The GST looks nice on others but I find it a little too boxy & the straps tend to slip off my shoulders.
    Both are great bags to own.
  13. I am petite, and had a PST but sold it. I loved the weight and size but never got used to the shape (rectangle downwards versus sideways for the GST). I much prefer the shapes of the GST but it's too big for me.
  14. Just saw the picture online. i just dont like the location of the logo in the pst. Looks too odd on me. Im bias! I have a GST, lol!

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