GST or petite timeless class zipped tote (not the PST)

  1. which should i get, the GSP or the petite shopper which is fully zipped with feet at the bottom? Can't decide!
  2. between the two, i prefer the petite zipped tote.
  3. The petite timeless tote ,is far too elegant and you could use it as an evening bag too!Pleae post pix when you get whichever you decide!:smile:
  4. I like the GST better =) more bang for the buck, haha
  5. I love my Black GST! That would be my choice.
  6. Well, it depends on what you need the bag for. The GST is a great everyday bag and has lots of room. But the timeless tote is a little more fancier. I like the GST because I can put some stuff for my kids if I need to. Like toys or a snack and have another pocket for me. Then it has a zipper pocket for my keys and wallet.
  7. well, do you guys know how much can the timeless petite shopper can carry?
  8. I'd definitely say GST! :biggrin:
  9. I like the petite timeless tote, such a cute bag!
  10. Finally, someone likes the petite shopper. Thanks for all your response, I appreciate it. I wish they had the petite in silver hardware though.
  11. The Petite Shopper holds a lot and depending on what you're wearing it with, it can easily go from casual to dressy.
    I take it on casual outings with my son and I've taken it to dressy brunch with the girls.

    When I'm out with my son it comfortably fits: wallet, cles and keys, 2 pull ups, travel wipes, hard case for sunnes, small digicam, cell phone, ziploc with snacks, small bottle of water.
    Room to spare.
  12. I have both and i think the ladies have said it all.
    Petite shopper is more dressy, goes from day to night. its also by far LIGHTER than my GST.
    I also prefer the zipped factor.
    The GST is too open and things end up all over my back car seat... but they are both nice bags. Get both!