GST or Hermes Garden Party

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GST or Hermes Garden Party

  1. Chanel GST

  2. Hermes Garden Party

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  1. Hello lovelies.. I need help in deciding which tote I should get.

    The choices are:
    Chanel GST black caviar GHW 1,750 euro
    Hermes Garden Party all leather in gold negonda 2,060 euro

    from Chanel i have got: black jumbo caviar (single flap) GHW, beige M/L caviar GHW, red envelope WOC SHW and navy half-moon WOC SHW. The GST would complete my classic chanel collection however since my jumbo is a single flap i feel like they both have the same purpose.

    from Hermes, i have none so the garden party would be my first bag from H.

    What would you do if you were me? thanks in advance peeps :smile:
  2. I would get the Hermes Garden Party. The gold Negonda is lovely. It looks so pretty with white.
  3. I was just researching the Hermes Garden Party last night! I love that bag, it has my vote :tup:
  4. I am not a big fan of Hermes bags (I love the scarves :smile:), but since you don't have one yet, I would go Hermes this time. One more vote for the Hermes Garden Party.
  5. I'm a chanel lover and also a hermes lover. I have both.. And for me garden party is more comfortable on the shoulder. So my vote goes to garden party. GP can be very pretty if you put twilly on it. Good luck on deciding.. :smile:
  6. I like the Hermes garden party better. Just my own taste.=)
  7. Definitely Hermes Garden Party! That's also on my next bag list!
  8. Hermes Garden Party;)
  9. I like the look of GST, but don't like how it rests on the shoulders. I'm not a huge fan of Hermes; however I do love the quality and the leathers. Since you already have several quilted bags, I would go with the all leather negonda.
  10. not to complicate matter...if it's classic that you like, how about the cerf tote?
  11. GST for sure. I have the same black combo and love it.
  12. I once wanted to buy the GST but then I realise there was a zip in the middle which separates the bag it into two compartment, not something I wanted in a tote. Also I found the GST to be a bit more formal and structural. I have a gold garden party and this bag is very light and hold A LOT of stuff. Once you start with hermes, it's very easy to get addicted to their nice leathery bags.

    Best to try both the bags on IRL and see which suits you better. ;)
  13. Hermes Garden Party! :smile:
  14. Garden party for sure!! Get one now before the price increase in January..
  15. thank you to everyone for the responds and the votes. I think I will go for hermes garden party and will start to do extensive research on it before purchasing :smile:

    ah yes, comfort is a huge factor. I'm so glad to get an opinion from someone who has both these bags, thank you so much. I already have a twilly yippeee, can just tie one up asap hehe. Btw, which one do you find goes with most of your outfits?

    I agree. I do have several quilted bags and no hermes leather :smile: thanks

    ooh no cerf tote, there's something about the cerf tote that doesn't attract me. Between the cerf tote and the gst, I would choose the gst any day hehe thank you :biggrin:

    you are absolutely right. I haven't tried on the garden party because they always run out of this bag in Sydney Hermes. Perhaps i'll have better luck now since i'm in paris. Haven't visited any H in Paris though. The asian line scares me (i'm asian too lol) But you made a very good point. I have tried on the GST but it somehow doesn't sit quite right on me. Always adored it on someone else though which is why i love the gst thread. I also find it too formal.. leaning towards garden party big time now.

    whuuatttt?? a price increase?? okay it's time to do my research on every bit asap. Thanks for the tip:smile:)))