GST or Cutch!?!?!

  1. I am trying to decided what my second Chanel purchase should be. I bought the 2.55 flap in black caviar in November and all I can seem to think about is which one to buy next!!!

    I really like the GST becaust it's bigger. structured, and I like to carry totes. I would probably get that in black caviar as well. However, I think the timeless clutch is beautiful, and like it's name says, will never go out of style!!! I would probably get that in black patent.

    I know I am boring with wanting both in black, but I am just trying to build up with some basics first.

    What does everyone think? GST or Clutch? Unfortunately I can't buy both right now!
  2. I have both and I would suggest the grand shopping tote 1st, because if there is another price increase it will be more dramatic on the GST verses the clutch. Now if you want the patent clutch, I suggest now, because that I was advised was seasonal when I purchased it and I have only seen it still recently at Chanel at SCP. Hope this helps.
  3. Get the GST. I just got a GST today and I LOVE IT!
  4. How much is the clutch?
  5. I vote for the GST! I feel like it's more... useful? versatile? than the clutch
  6. GST for sure....i love the GST tote, it's so functional and i have one in silver h/w. As for the clutch, u can always wait till later when u have more money to get her. But if u can only choose one, then GST is the one
  7. Well they are both opposite ends of the spectrum. I think the most worthwhile purchase out of the two would be the GST since its very functional and you did say you liked carrying totes. I'm tote girl as well! The clutch is very beautiful though and I think you should get one, one day, but your second should be the GST IMO.
  8. I prefer the clutch BUT if you're starting your collection out, you might want to start out with something you can wear more often than a clutch. IMHO.
  9. Definitely the GST! You can always get the clutch later. :yes: I recently bought the newer GST and I love it. It's seriously such a trooper.
  10. Clutch?
  11. I don't know of a 2.55 reissue in caviar, did you get a classic flap or maybe the hybrid? and what size? If you got a smaller flap I would say a tote would be nice to have but if you got a jumbo flap maybe consider the clutch.
  12. I really adore my timeless clutch even though I'm yet to use it!
  13. I have both and i adore them equally .. but I would get the GST first. You have more use of a tote
  14. GST, you'll get way more use out of it.
  15. I recently purchased a hobo bag with black plastic link shoulder straps and the cc logo in patent leather. DOes anyone know the name of this collection and is it a popular one. It is my first chanel purchase and I hope its not just a trendy item Also How do I care for the lambskin. THe sa in chanel didnt really tell me anything except that it is a new style. THankyou for any info