GST or A18004?

  1. I originally wanted a black GST (hardware color doesn't matter) but I did a search on the forum and found the A18004. I've never seen the petit shopper in person but I have tried on the GST. I'm waitlisted for a GST at the moment and my sales lady has a black/silver hardware A18004 in stock. What to do? Can you ladies with the A18004(petit shopper) post more pictures of them, any color is fine. I already did a search and looked in the reference library but I still want to see more. Pictures are never enough. Thanks in advance ladies :yes:
  2. Sorry, I don't have any pictures, but I have seen both in person. Personally, I would hold out for the GST!
  3. I woud wait for the GST. The PST was just too small IRL to me! :shrugs:
  4. It would really depend on your build. For that, I don't think seeing pictures of others with it will help much. I have the PST and I'm 5-1. It looks kind of small even on me, but quite cute. Go and try it in person, or try to find a similar-sized bag (10 inch by 10 inch), or hold a envelope in that size against your body or something. That should give you some idea.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. isnt the A18004 the boxy tote? The one with 2 side internal pocket and a zip in the middle? A SA just offered me the Boxy tote A18004 and she said Its definitely not the PST which is same as the one above!
  7. Yes, the A18004 is the boxy tote. The above picture is the PST but it's the wrong one. Chanel needs better names for their bags. I think I'm going to pass on the A18004 and wait for my GST. Hopefully the waitlist won't be that long. Thanks ladies :smile:
  8. good choice...mmac
  9. good choice..u will get more use out of the GST for sure!! Where did you waitlist for the GST??