Gst Old Price Honored......

  1. I ordered a GST from Neiman Marcus via the phone and was told the price was 1895, however when I got the bag the tag said 1750!! Needless to say I was not thrilled seeing that, and was miffed to say the least. Well I immediatly called the store and they honored the old price. I am very happy!! I will be a customer of Neimans forever :tup:. Just wanted to let everyone know that they do follow through :smile:
  2. very good story! Glad your had a great NM CS experience!:tup:
  3. i saw someone on here that got to price tags on her gst. I hope she calld and asked for a refun, how stupid of them to leave the old price on. INsulting!!!!
  4. Good for you!!!:tup: Enjoy your GST even more - at a lower price. Congrats!!!
  5. good to hear!
    what color did you get?
  6. Congrats!
  7. That's awesome. Now can you find me one with a $1750 ticket too.? ;)
  8. I'll just send you my $1750.00 tag from my GST....hahaha, wouldn't that be nice....I should take my $1895 GSTs' back in with the 1750 tag...hey, I found this in pocket...yeah right! I wish. hehehe.:p
  9. Me too! Congrats and enjoy it!
  10. OMG that's wonderful! Congratulations! Feels great getting any sort of deal for Chanel!
  11. BTW the reason it had the old tag, (this is what the SA said). They sent it from their warehouse not the store and the warehouse did not change the price. Also the price is supposed to go up again!! The GST is black with silver HW and it is gorgeous. It is shown in my pic below to the far left. Hard to see, but it is there :rolleyes:.
  12. yay!!
  13. yay congrats! price increase=ridiculous. glad you didn't get hit by it.
  14. my brown gst has a 1795 price tag... but they gave me a 10% for opening a Saks card.... i don't know if should make an issue abt it... :sad:
  15. you probably should... they can't take away your discount because it's their policy to give that discount when you open your saks card. it's one of their incentives to get people to open them. besides, the new price and the old price is a big difference. i would call or go in and talk to your sa about it. it's on them to make sure that the price they charge is consistent with the price on their tags.