GST (newbie Q) re: HW

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  1. Hi all..

    I'm a newbie to Chanel. Just got some new sunnies this past wkend :love:and now thinking of a bag. Planning on the GST in black.

    I know the GST is permanent...but I was wondering are both HWs always/readily available gold & silver to choose from?? Or do they only have one or the other that they release for that particular season. I know they release different colors of the GST.

    I plan on purchasing sometime before the increase a black GST with gold HW....just want to make sure it's out there since I prefer it over silver.

  2. It seems like both HW colors are available. I was at the SCP boutique this weekend and they had both. It's a classic, so I'd imagine both HW colors are available. I'm new to Chanel too but it seems like they've had both for awhile.
  3. ^Ya, that's what I'd assume that they'd both be available...

    Just wasn't sure...:push: how Chanel works as far as what the release, and what HWs, etc. Now LV I know!!! LOL!!! Chanel...still learning...heehee!!

    Haha, (SCP) That's where I usually go for LV. Been to that Chanel a few times too...(browsing). Good to know they have both in stock.:tup: I'd kinda like to try both on...But I won't be purchasing yet...

    LOL but it is tempting to think they have both to drool over.. :drool::sweatdrop:

    Thx for your help!