Gst ladies, tell me what you love about your bag.

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  1. So I am awaiting the arrival of my first chanel purchase and already dreaming of my second. My husband isn't too convinced that I should make a purchase this soon and I figure if I can get some reviews maybe it will help me convince him, well maybe. So tell me what you love about your bag as I dream about it!
  2. i,m same as you really want to buy aGST bag but don,t know which colour would be best may i ask which colour are you going to get/
  3. I love the size of my GST, in that I can carry all my stuff and not have to leave anything at home. I can't say I have really had a concern about the weight of the combined 'stuff' and bag. Besides the bag is gorgeous. Enjoy. :}
  4. oooo I lovvve my GST! It can hold sooo much! I can put folders/workpapers in one of the sides, and all of my purse-things (wallet, keys, cell phone etc) on the other side. The GST lets you be organized in your bag without you even trying! And I also love the zip large pocket because if you are ever in a place and want to make sure your wallet is safe, you can stick it in there!! I have the Chanel large lambskin wallet (which is a larger size wallet) and it still fits in the zip pocket!

    I can't say enough good things about the GST! I love my flaps, but when I have a lot to carry, they are not much help...... That's why I love my GST!
  5. I bought a red one first and loved it so much I went back and bought a black one. The GST holds a lot and yest it is so elegant. You will not regret it.
  6. Mmmm I love it....

    already made your first purchase, haven't received it yet, but you're already dreaming of your next!! woo hoo welcome to Chanel!! love it.

    we have all surrendered - like israeli flava said hee hee
  7. I absolutely love my GST, I use it for school and work everyday, I can even fit my netbook when I need it. The compartments alone are worth the $$$ and it's just TDF gorgeous, I've gotten a lot of compliments from friends and strangers. I carry a lot of stuff in it but I've never felt concerned that it's gonna break or anything (the hardware in the new GSTs are thicker and stronger anyway). A lot of ppl have asked me whether they should get a flap or a GST. Well, as much as I love my jumbo flap, the GST is more functional, so I'd say you gotta have both. Save up, do whatever, but you gotta have both! :lol:
  8. I really hope I can wear him down, he doesn't understand the love of bags. lol. He is the type that thinks you should have 1 functional bag that you carry until the straps fall off..... men!
  9. My second Chanel was a bordeaux caviar GST. It is a workhorse and a beauty. The color alone is exquisite and unusual but the bag itself is perfect. It turns out to be a pretty good travel bag. For me, I am able to carry half the world, LOL. I am able to carry a sweater or shoes, plus a book, water, everything. It gets heavy, but, don't they all? I have actually carried it on my shoulder, but normally, I wouldn't carry any bag on my shoulder. BUT -- the GST has you covered -- it has the leather pads to distribute the weight. A well designed classic bag that should be in everybody's rotation. Another bonus about my particular bag ... I saved up all of my Nordstrom Notes and was able to turn them into this baby a few years back, so it was didn't cost anything! This is why I a very loyal Nordstrom customer!
    --Judy -->getting ready to take the gst out of the closet and get it ready to use Monday, if it ever stops snowing!
  10. Oh btw, I carry my GST on the shoulder 80% of the time and I don't have the skinniest arms but it's still very comfortable. I loooove my GST!
  11. i hope get it soon
  12. I love my GST-the space, the style and the color. I didn't like GST before but once I tried it on I'm melt. How can you say no to this? ;)
  13. I am literally drooling from these descriptions!!! It's going to be a while but I will convince hubby!!! This bag will be mine!!!!!! Lol!
  14. I'm considering the GST as my next Chanel purchase too! But I'm so torn over whether to get a caviar jumbo first or the GST because the prices for flaps just keep rising :sad:
  15. ^^^^^ITA !
    I LOVE that everything stays so organized in my GST.....
    I have 3 GST's, because I love them so much (Black SHW, Beige GHW, Red SHW) ! I am even considering getting another Black, with GHW.
    Guess you could say I am a GST fanatic.....this is 100% my favorite bag of all time, due to the functionality, practicality, and beauty. The Caviar is so durable too!
    I too love Flaps, but the GST's are my everyday workhorse bags.
    AND they look so classy/classic!