GST is matronly???

  1. Okay, I have been going back and forth about which color GST I should get.....the white with silver hardware or the beige with gold hardware. Today I went to NMs and the SA, who was short and rude with me, told me that the GST is too matronly for me.....and that the beige with gold hardware is even worse of a color than the white, in terms of old-ladyness! So he was trying to convince me NOT to buy the GST!! He weirded me out and I left....confused about the GST. Matronly???? :wtf:
  2. I don't think the GST is matronly at all! Gorgeous, classy, and sophisticated - yes, but matronly? NO!
  3. Believe me, I was outraged! I have seen so many pics of PFs rocking the bag!! He was against the bag in general, but the mention of beige with gold drove him nutty! What a weirdo!!
  4. I wouldn't listen to a *****y guy's opinion. We know best here and I think the majority of us would recommedn it! :biggrin:
  5. lol . I am now looking into that bag. I think its a classic and i would rock it out .ITs a great bag.
  6. No way. I wouldn't listen at all to that, and with regard to color I would simply go with what suits your coloring/wardrobe the best and go with it! It's a great bag :smile:
  7. ^^Totally agree.

    I am almost 49, and most of my employees are early 20's to mid 30's, and they would love to have my beige GST with gold hardware. They're always commenting on my beautiful bags.
  8. I dont think its matronly but I agree that silver might be more attractive to younger crowd vs older crowd?
  9. Why do some SA's voice their opinion like that? Wouldn't they want a sale? I too have had an SA criticize me on a bag choice and it was just frustrating. :cursing:

    I absolutely love the GST's! I like them in any color. Heidi from the TV show The Hills rocks one and she is 20. I am just using that as am example, and not applying she is some huge style icon, but she looks great with her GST. I think it is a great classic bag that will always look good no matter what.
  10. Completely disagree with the SA. I love the GST, and find it very fashionable no matter how old. Look at Heidi from the Hills rocking hers. I have seen so many young celebrities with the bag. I say go for it.
  11. I just think of Heidi on the Hills with her GST, hardly matronly!
  12. definitely not...gst is beautiful...for all ages in fact...casual/roomy...just love it
  13. I don't think the GST is matronly either!!! That SA was likely in a bad mood--don't let a ridiculous opinion like that affect whether you like a bag or not.
  14. Maybe someone kicked him to the curb, who knows. Seriously though, that's extremely rude and distasteful, and the GST is far from matronly, please... you should get it if you like it, and definitely NOT from him, because rude SA's like that don't deserve your business! :smile:
  15. Thats so funny you said that..this girl at the Chanel store where I live practically told me the same thing. She said this bag is "used by a lot of mothers." It weirded me out too.