GST Information

  1. Why did I never notice this bag until now?

    Can someone please give the style number for it?

    Is this bag hard to find? And what is the price?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I MUST HAVE ONE! :yes: :graucho:

  2. This is what is on mine. I got the Beige with Gold Hardware


    Grand Shopping

    51225 Beige (20)

  3. Thanks piperlu!
  4. its 1695 but somestores might have raised the price to 1750.

  5. I forgot to add the price. It was $1795.
  6. I just bought the black with silver hardware for $1750 at NM on Friday.
    Grand Shopping
  7. hhhmmm I am on the list for a GST, I thought NM was sold out of the black w/silver. I hope I get a call soon!
  8. I love this bag too...hope you get yours soon!!!
  9. The Chanel Boutique on Madison Avenue in NY has the black with silver hardware. Ask for Angie Kim.
  10. ^Thanks Piperlu! I was holding out for NM because I have a $250 gift card.

  11. I think I lucked out. I had my name on this bag at Chanel and was told it would come in March. I just happen to tell my SA at NM that I wanted this bag 2 weeks ago (since I would rather get my points). Anyways, I just went to NM by chance on Friday, saw my SA, asked her about the bag and she goes into the back and brings this out. Said it had someone's name on it for a while but the gal never called back so they said it was okay to release to me!:yahoo: I got the original MJ black stam bag this way. Makes me wonder about this back room??????
  12. I ordered one in black Caviar with GH and it was $1750.
  13. Hehe I bought my white one right before the price increase for $1680-ish. :graucho:

    Anyway it depends on which color you want. White is pretty much gone, I think there are some black ones around, tan and maybe pink.