GST in S/H.. a limited ed??

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  1. that's what the SA in my local store told me. just need your confirmation girls on this. thanks :flowers:
  2. No. That's part of the classic ligne. Occasionally it will sell out at some stores because of demand, but it is always in production.

    The new washed caviar GST that they're coming out with in Spring will be limited edition. The current "regular" caviar GST they already have out is not limited edition. :yes:
  3. thanks! glad to hear it's not LE! don't really fancy our SA's here, always misinformed or something :shrugs:
  4. I know the silver hardware is seasonal, once in awhile they will release it but the gold one is a staple. That's accdg to the S/A in europe an UK. I dont know if it's true though
  5. some SA's can be quite confusing :s
  6. When I was ready to get my gst, they only had 1 with s/h. Per the SA they had several w the gh because they had just received more of the gh. As stated, the sh is not a limited edition though.
  7. When I returned my black GST w/silver hardware a few weeks ago, my SA asked if I was sure about returning it because they were no longer making black w/silver hardware. I didn't ask about the other colors.
  8. All the stores I've called told me that the silver HW is seasonal.
  9. one SA told me that Karl is only doing gold...

    (thinking in head... whatever...)
  10. ive been told that s/h is seasonal and was released last spring
  11. This thread is really interesting. My SA always told me gold and silver hardware GSTs were classics. The Ala Moana Chanel boutique just happens to be sold out of the GST's with silver hardware because they're popular, not because they're limited edition.
  12. I hope they're not LE because I plan on getting mine in a couple months..
  13. I was looking for a s/h GST too. I went to Chanel at Holt in Vancouver about 2 weeks ago to ask for it. My SA said that it's seasonal and they're sold out now (there's not even one black GST with s/h in available in Canada. urgh!) She said that they might get some in next year. I really hope the price wouldn't shoot up again.
  14. ^Don't worry. The new washed caviar GST will be released in spring. It will come in black with silver hardware and will be the same price of $2,125. :yes:
  15. What is washed caviar? Is this the new caviar everyone is talking about with the matte finish or a different caviar??

    I'm glad I got my black/silver GST when it retailed for $1650 in the regular caviar! It's my "bargain basement" Chanel!!