GST in Chocolate Brown - Yay or Nay?

  1. I suddenly find myself obsessed with a GST in the chocolate brown. I have found one online that I am contemplating getting, but I need that little "push".

    Since I haven't seen the chocolate brown in person ... for those of you who have ... what do you think of the colour? I wear alot of neutral colours, so I think it would go with my wardrobe. I just think the colour is so gorgeous and I already have a lot of black bags (black GST would be my second choice), but not many brown bags.

    I also posted a thread in the shopping forum also asking if the chocolate brown GSTs were still readily available, as the one I'm looking at is actually a few dollars more than what I would pay in the store. I want to make sure the chocolate brown is rare enough now to justify paying a bit more (i.e. $2099 USD compared to $2050 CDN for a black GST).

    Thoughts? Yay or Nay?
  2. I've never seen the chocolate brown IRL, but I know it is pretty rare as it was only a seasonal color! If you love it then go for it. It's neutral enough to be easily matched. :yes:
  3. I have it, I havent used it yet! But I will , it works with all colors, just like black its so rich and deep. I say yes! def get it. It looks great with the silver hw
  4. Thanks! That's all the push I needed ... think I'll go ahead and do a BIN. :smile:
  5. Yay! Can't wait to see. Chocolate brown is my new favorite obsession!
  6. i think it would be a cute neutral color! but what hardware is it in? if in silver it'd be modern but in gold it'd be more towards classy ;)
  7. Silver Hardware. I looooove silver hardware. Gold is nice, but silver is more "me". :smile: So I just did the BIN ... can't wait to get it!

    Yikes, this is my third bag in a few weeks ... I think I just spent basically my whole years bag budget for 2008 and it's only January 2nd!! :shame: I'll just have to live vicariously through everyone else's purchases now. :smile:
  8. oh I think the brown GST is TDF!
    Please post pics! Would love to see them - congrats!
  9. It sounds gorgeous. The chocolate browns I have seen have been yummy. Can hardly wait to see your pics.
  10. I went back and forth on the GST in dark brown. I have it in black/silver, and since the brown can pass for black in some lightings decided to go for the dark brown Cerf tote instead (which is the same shade of brown as the GST).

    At first I was disappointed with the color but after trying it out with my wardrobe, find it is actually more versatile than a true brown because it works with everything from black to pastels. You made a great choice! Don't forget to share pics with us upon receipt!
  11. Ohhh, I'm sure you'll love your dark brown GST! :love: I briefly owned this bag, and the color is a very rich, deep dark chocolate brown (mmm, I want brownies now haha! :nuts:)... as roey said, it could pass for black under some lights! I love brown bags... they look great with neutral colors, and brown is a softer alternative to black that looks fabulous against pastels and brighter colors. :tup: Here is a pic of the GST I had! :heart:

  12. Thanks for the photo! Before I did the BIN, I was looking around trying to find as many "modeling" pics as I could to help me make my decision. I can't wait to get this bag!!! It is just such a gorgeous colour and I'm going to love the silver hardware.
  13. ^ No problem! ;) I'm sure you will love it... I especially love the combination of chocolate brown with silver h/w, though brown is complemented really well by gold too (either way, the GST only has the silver h/w option hehe)! :p You should definitely post pics when you receive your new bag ... congrats!! :yahoo: