Gst help

  1. yea i have contacted a few. trying to nego as much as possible.

    i wanted to buy ghw, but i tried out shw in store and it looks as pretty.
  2. Thought I might just add ciaciasg from S'pore is good. I just got a GST from her :smile:
  3. Yea! She is 1 of the recommended seller actually ^^
  4. How much you get yours. She quote me 3.3k , not sure if she can budge a little :sad:
  5. I just got my black with silver today and I am in love! So classic.. they have even photographed the one with silver in their webpage.. I can not believe that this was so inexpensive compared to other chanels.. It is so pretty!
  6. Hi its the same :smile:
  7. I agree the New bag looks better and better made IMO!
  8. Hi ladies,

    Thought I know you gals are more encouraging to get brand-new , but my budget is probably set at pre owned :sad:

    I have located a look good pre-own with a cheap price, 2.4 sgd which is more comfortable for me.

    This should be the new version, anyone know how to authentic please? I never post it at authentication for Chanel because these are all the pics I have... Does it look funny to you ?
    image-3043076385.jpg image-2536695395.jpg image-766078832.jpg image-136386454.jpg
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    Can't help with authenticating.

    But i'm glad you decided to go this route. Boutique experience is not worth the extra 1k+!

    So sorry to hear about your bf! But he has your best interests at heart. Maybe try shopping with your (enabling) girlfriends next time? lol

    Personally, i try not to comment too much about what my gf buys, but i do step in when i don't think it's something worth spending on, like the extra ~1k for boutique experience.

    Don't get me wrong though, i'm all for paying a premium to get exactly when you want, like paying more for off season colours.

    But in this case, there's no value add.
  10. Haha! Thank you! Very nice of you to be positive about this purchase :smile: I will snag it immediately if it's authentic. I love it but I'm not sure if I'm willing to spend 4k on it so a good prelove is handy :smile:

    Dbf is a very Practical person , he often says that watch have higher value then bags, but I have passion for bags!
  11. I totally agree with that. I collect watches. =)

    Then you should totally buy a bag every time he buys a watch!

    That's why i have 4 watches, and my gf has 3 bags, with 1 incoming.

    But i have a passion for bags too. That's why i'm on TPF instead of her.

    All the best with your purchase, and don't forget to post plenty of pics!
  12. You really should get the photos you need to post it on the "authenticate this" thread. Then you will know for sure and feel comfortable that you are getting a genuine Chanel. You will need a photo of the front, back, rings, zipper pulls, "made in" stamp, hologram, authenticity card, and please check the thread to see if I forgot any! :smile:
  13. Thanks tutu! I asked for more pics but the seller said she bought from local boutique with original receipt and no way it's a fake :sad:

    Am I on my way to search for another 1?
  14. I would not care if they said they bought it from Karl himself, I would want it authenticated. :smile: If they insist it's not a fake, but won't send more photos, move on, as it's not a good sign. Receipts are easily faked just as bags are.
  15. Hahaha, thats funny! I Would NOT buy from karl!!! He is not On my LIKE list!

    Thanks for the advice, I have to be patient for my HG bag, I will wait for the right one to come along! Still thinking about bnib for 3.3k

    Thanks everyone, this is such a sweet community!!!