GST- help

  1. I need help - I want the GST bag ..... What colors does this bag come in ?
  2. Hi Jenn, you can check the reference library, believe all the colors are there.
  3. it's listed multiples times around here. . .
    but off hand:
  4. thank you - I am new obviously - thanks for the help!!!
  5. Swanky~~ Do u know if I can still get the light beige one???
  6. Chanel on 57th in NYC - told me two days ago they had beige!!!
  7. Call Saks in indianapolis because I got my gst with gold hardware there..I think they have a couple there.
  8. yes, beige is still available:yes:
  9. But is it the light beige one almost close to light cream color?? I have been searching it for a long time!!