GST - does it become like this eventually?

  1. I saw this picture while browsing an online store. I know the bottom part will soften a bit after some use, but I have no idea it could sag this much!? :huh: Have any of you experienced the same with your GST, after LOTS of use maybe? I'm considering a black GST w/ silver hw for a work bag..

  2. yes, they do that, but I haven't seen one quite that bad.
    That one may have been a work bag as well.
  3. I think it depends on how you use it, if you over stuff and throw it around it tends to soften up.
  4. That looks pretty harsh. I think like swanky said it must have been a work bag,because I've never seen one look that smooshy.
  5. I've never seen a GST that bad, but I have seen a couple of PST that look like that.
  6. I've seen some up-close/zoomed-in shots of Jessica Stam (the supermodel)'s GST and it looked pretty much like that. She seems to carry it everywhere so I guess it's bound to soften up like that if one stuffs it and uses it as a workhorse bag.
  7. My GST has not done that yet, however, my Cotton Club tote has done that. I stuff it with tissue paper when I'm not using it, but it doesn't help much.
  8. wow, that leather got really stretched out...but it's the nature of the material if it's over used.
  9. Very interesting...I actually like it that way?!
  10. I was about to say the same thing! I like it like looks well loved...
  11. Thanks for your responses :smile: I guess if I have to be careful if I use this bag for work. I'm not crazy about that much sagging on the bottom because the top of the bag still looks boxy & structured.
  12. My friend abused her GST like that, Carried loads of stuff and even had her 2 year old sitting on it when they went shopping. Hers looks like that. Me? I baby mine too much to let them look really abused.
  13. Me, too! While I love the look of the GST the only thing I don't like is how boxy it is. This one looks so soft and buttery. I'm RATHER it be "abused" like that! :p
  14. I've seen a PST on eBay once .... looked horrible .... almost like as if the leather melted in a muddy mess. The person who owned that GST must have gotten a whole lot of use out of that bag it looks very flimsy.
  15. The women on tpf take great care of their bags but IRL I have seen AT least 5 gst's that looked worse than that. Many were on women with younger children so that's understandable. Still, it made the bag so misshapen, lumpy, and deteriorated.......uch I still have nightmares thinking about them.