Gst, Distressed Caviar, Or Brooklyn?

  1. UGH.....
    here I go again.
    I need to decide by 6 pm tonight as these bags are on hold

    1- GST with silver h/w $1895
    2- DISTRESSED CAVIAR MEDIUM Flap in black $2295
    3- Brooklyn Flap $2795

    I finally decided I would go for the black GST instead of the Jumbo. I was lucky enough to find one that just arrived in the store today and now its on hold.

    I got talking with the SA and I asked her about the DISTRESSED CAVIAR with MM lock. To my surprise, she had one, but in medium, not jumbo (which would work for me anyway). I had been drooling over that bag forever. BUT, the SA was like....NO DONT GET THAT! And I was like WHY? She said it LOOKS VERY VERY OLD...and even though its brand spanking new, it "looks" like someone's old bag.
    Does anyone here have it in black? Does it look that old and distressed?

    Anyway...then she made another recommendation....she suggested the Black Brooklyn Flap Bag.

    So which bag do I pick and why? I want something that will look great in 5 years and still be "IN".

    I promise this will be my last dilemma post. LOL.
    Thank you all!
  2. I like the GST w/silver, think it is a classic. I don't care for the distressed black caviar flap w/mm lock, do I wouldn't get that. I haven't seen the Brooklyn.
    So I guess my vote goes to the GST w/silver (black, I assume?)