GST dilemma...

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  1. Hi everyone....
    need yr help to choose among these material...
    if you have to choose among these 3 options, what will u choose and why?
    a. GST caviar red silver
    b. GST caviar black silver
    c. GST dark grey patent

  2. I would choose option 2 the black caviar with SHW. I think this is a classic look that will go good with anything. Although I don't know the current bags you have, so if you already have other bags in your collection, I might go with option #1.
  3. I just got a GST black patent. It looks beautiful in patent leather.
    My daughter (teen) don't like my black caviar flaps. But she loves the
    patent GST so much. I would say if you already have caviar bag,
    then choose c. Dark grey patent must be very unique. How much it is now?
  4. Hi..Bfali, thanks so much for your will be my first chanel. I've got 1 classic vintage from mom, but need somthing more modern though...:smile:

    sigma, i've not check the price, is it same as caviar? It would be nice to see your picture with the bag...LOL
  5. b. GST caviar black silver

    That was the GST I bought and I it was my very first Chanel and I think it's great as an everyday bag :smile: I love mine and it will always be a classic!
  6. I :heart: patent GST!
  7. Definitely GST Red SHW
    It looks chic especially when u wear with short jeans at high heels. Black for me is slightly too mature look.
  8. Option B, naurellement! Black and Silver is a NEW classic combination! I love my GST!!
  9. B
    It's a classic and you'll keep it forever.
    I bought my first Chanel which was a GST in black caviar SHW about 3 years ago and have never regretted it.
    Be warned, it's an addiction! lol ;)
  10. b. GST caviar black silver
    as well.. like everyone else had said, it is a timeless combination that will fit anything you put on.
  11. I would go with B! Can't go wrong with black and silver HW. Such a classic and goes with everything? I'm not a fan of patent and I think it's too much of red in the GST, KWIM? Good luck with whatever you chose!
  12. B, patent is not going to last as any everyday bag for years but caviar will. Black because I think everyone is into red Chanel right now and will be over it within a year.
  13. GST in black caviar and silver! That´s the one I´m getting in a month!
  14. I have 5 GST's with 3 being patent.

    If you want to be practical, go with caviar.

    If you want stunning, go with patent.
  15. The red is gorgeous..., I love mine so much that my DH thinks I overuse it! : D