GST - Caviar or Lambskin

  1. Hi pfers, i've been looking and looking all around the threads and found a GST in a brown lambskin but most others are caviar leather.

    Is the GST readily available in the lambskin? i have too many caviar bags and was looking for something in lamb. Is lamb lighter than caviar?

  2. the brown you see isn't lamb. . . the GST finally came out in brown last year and it's actuyally a distressed calfskin. It'll show scratches but that's the idea really. . . it's supposesd to be antiqued/distressed.
    There are a couple of colors in lamb, but I'm not sure brown is one.
  3. I've never seen lambskin GST. I've seen only caviar, calfskin, patent caviar (caviar with shiny look), and python.
  4. I think the GST is designed to be such a workhorse bag that caviar is a really choice leather for that style bag in my opinion.
  5. ^ita.
  6. i think lambskin is lighter than caviar.
  7. i went with the caviar gst with silver hw. it was too lovely to pass up. as soon as i got it this afternoon, i started using it. it's actually really convenient with my three kids, just popped into it when they needed something. it does get heavy, but i can deal with it. it's fabulous.

    i have a distressed leather PST in deep red which i got earlier this year, so i thought maybe it would be around for the GST.

    i'm loving the style even then !
  8. cool! What color?
  9. For shopping and casual wear, caviar is better huh...
  10. absolutely
  11. Congrats !!! Black with silver hardware is a beautiful combo.

    I think in caviar it is even more fun because it is so worry free. Enjoy it !!:tup: