GST - Can it be worn over the shoulder with a winter coat?

  1. Hi there, I've been obsessing over the black caviar GST for a while now. But I have to be good about the purchases I make, and that includes being able to wear it all year round. Would love to find out from all you lovely GST owners if the straps fit over the shoulder when you're wearing a winter wool coat? TIA!
  2. Oh yes, they fit very comfortably. GST is a great bag, go for it.
  3. Yes it does. It's a fantastic bag. It's so classy looking.
  4. Neat! Now to hunt down one.... :smile:
  5. Another Yes!
  6. yes, I recently got one at LOVE it. I tote everything in it, textbooks, lunch, water bottles, makeup, gym towel haha..loves it.
  7. :yes:
  8. I think you can but I never feel comfy when putting a shoulder bag over the coat. I always used handbag with top handle instead of shoulder bag in winter.