GST Black with silver hardware

  1. I am looking for one..... any help locating one would be greatly appreciated. :smile:
  2. try and call Neimans at white plains new york
  3. ok great... thanks so much
  4. call joseph at NY Saks, he got me mine last week.
  5. HI! i just wanted to let you know that my SA Christine at NM in San Francisco just called to let me know that GST with silver is in but Ive decided to keep my gold instead so..if u want , call NM SF and ask for her!
  6. GOT IT - From Neimans in SF. Christine -thanks!!! I am so excited:yahoo:
  7. Oh you are welcomed Jennifer!

    There are still some avaliable here.
  8. Christine, are there any more left in black with silver hw? I called earlier and the SA who answered wanted to put me on a waiting list...
  9. Yep, there are.
  10. Received my GST with silver hardware last night - It's sooooooooo GORGEOUS:yahoo:. Christine I will definelty call you on my next purchase...thanks for all the help!!!
  11. congrats! such a great bag to have.
  12. Good for you! What a great feeling I bet!!
  13. Awesome!!! So happy for you!
  14. The black/silver is such a great bag! Congrats and Chrissie is such a great s/a for helping you out.
  15. Congrats!