GST Black or Brown?

  1. Hi ladies,

    I need some help...
    so i went to Saks today cos I was interested in the black GST... Susan, my wonderful SA went down to the storage area and brought up a black and what we thought was a bordeaux gst... and when we opened the box up, it was a dark brown and it was gorgeous!!!

    so she's holding it for me until the egc event... but i'm still thinking about the black gst... what do you ladies think?

    i used to only have black bags... the metallic bowler, the cambon bowler, the coco cabas... now i'm kinda on a brown binge... brown expandable, brown bubble quilt flap... brown gst...

    i'm just afraid the brown is going to be one of these colors that'll never come back... what should i do? and i can't have both!
  2. I guess photos don't do the brown GST justice because it's getting rave in person revies.

    From pics alone, I am not feeling brown caviar on the GST style. The boxy shape and dark brown color reminds me too much of a man's briefcase. I love brown, but feel the GST not only looks better in black, but is also more classic in black.
  3. You can never go wrong with black...
  4. I have the brown GST, and love the color, so I am going to be partial on this one.
  5. Not seeing the brown IRL, but being a big GST fan and having 2 black GSTs .....I am going to have to vote black.

    Either way - you will be happy I am sure!!
  6. Both colors are very classic and they're always in fashion. Personally, I prefer black GST. I usually prefer brown on a more supple leather such as the luxe bowler or expandable bags.
  7. Black! I've honestly never seen the GST in brown, but I am always partial to black handbags. :biggrin:
  8. black
  9. jeshika - Is the brown GST you saw at Saks made of caviar? Or is it the distressed calfskin version? And may I ask which Saks this is at? I've only seen a dark brown version of the PST in Brown CAVIAR -- and the contrast of that color against the silver h/w was absolutely stunning.....loved it more than the black caviar with silver h/w. If it's indeed Brown CAVIAR GST then I'm in big trouble.
  10. I just bought the brown and everytime I look at it I love it more. With the silver hw it is so gorgeous. I don't own a black bag and instead tend toward colors - except for brown - just something about the richness of it. You see a lot of texture with the brown caviar. I'm more of a casual/classic dresser - a lot of jeans, tees, sweaters and just felt the brown was a bit more casual. Either way - you can not go wrong. Good Luck! :smile:
  11. oh no foxy, you are in huge trouble... did u see it at the saks in NY? hehhee. i saw it too and i was admiring it but it was too small for me... susan called down and they said they had a dark brown in storage so she went and got it just to see if it was the bordeaux.

    but she pulled it out and i swear the entire store was looking at it. the other SAs didn't even know they had it in stock. it was reallllly pretty. i thought if i didn't put my name on it right there and then, the woman next to me was going to pounce on me!

    argh. i don't know. grrr....
  12. I actually loved the distressed calfskin brown from last year. It is more of a milky brown which fit the style well. I guess I'll reserve judgement on the dark brown caviar GST until more pics are posted or I see it IRL. I had the dark brown/silver hw caviar Jumbo flap at one point and loved the color - no one would have mistaken it for black.
  13. I saw the brown IRL and it is really nice, but somehow the black is even more stunning.
  14. Jumping in late on the discussion, but what about the beige? I think the beige GST is stunning, and it will go with brown really well, as well as black. Recently I realized that if you're wearing black clothes, a beige bag really pops, whereas the same bag in black just gets lost on your outfit. Just something else to ponder.:p
  15. Brown over's so nice for a change.