GST - big enough for work?

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  1. I am in desperate need of a new work bag. I am in medical sales and I carry my work bag with me daily. I need something big enough to carry 2 presentation binders and other paperwork/files etc. I want something cute and I have always loved the GST, Would this be a practical work bag?

  2. I think it would be a great bag for your needs. You could use the middle zippered compartment to put your wallet and keys. The two outside pockets you could put a notebook or file folders in there.

    The bag gets heavy, so you probably wouldn't want to carry it on your shoulder if you put a lot into it.
  3. I try it on today in white GST and silver chain. and I think it is big enough. About the weight, it is not a very light bag ( but I confirmed it is lighter that MJ stamped bag, Chloe, and Mulberry bayswater....). I want it to be my school bag.

    Anyway, didn't buy it as it is too big for me (and I don't like the smaller version). It looks great when it is on the display but not for me.
  4. Thanks guys!! :heart: It's probably not the ideal work bag, but I think (hope) I can make it work. I carry a lot of stuff with me so I am used to heavy work bags. Now the hard I guess is finding one. :search:
  5. I think it is big enough.