GST bag

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  1. ok heading to NYC tomorrow to pick up my new GST! I am so excited. I have three colors on hold, original beige (looks carmel), bordeaux, and gray. I really want a bag that I will be able to use a lot. Love the bordeaux but not sue I would use it in spring/summer...also dont want the color to be outdated in 3 years! I have a black chanel now and thats it!

    I am so confused between old caviar and washed cavier? I hear so many things. Some like soft easier to carry but worry about bag not staying in shape as long...

    If anyone has an opinion on the color/ caviar I would love to hear from you! I am leaning towards beige because very classic and i think can be worn with both light and dark colors, please correct me if I am wrong

    Believe me I would love to have lots of choices for chanel but they are very expensive and I must be very selective as I only purchase one every 2 or three years! PLEASE HELP!!!!
  2. original beige would go with any season :smile:
  3. I would choose beige or grey! Good luck!
  4. Grey
  5. In the new washed caviar I would get the bordeaux or the grey!

    I love all of the colors, but if I were to get a black or beige I would probably get one in the older caviar as it seems to be more durable. I have several of both styles of caviar and though I have a new beige in the washed caviar I just got an older style beige GST because I think it will hold up better. Crazy I know!
  6. i would say grey if it's a darker grey, but i think the grey gst is light. so bordeaux if you can find one that has even color.
  7. I say go with gray :tup:
  8. I think the beige is great in the GST, especially if you have a black bag already, then you would have a bag for every occasion.

    Your heart will draw you to the right one within seconds of entering the store tho ;)
  9. How much is the GST in NYC now?
  10. i think they are now around $2195...
    i have several gst's & love them for everyday...
    i adore my bordeaux from last season - dont know if
    you can find this color but it seems to blend with
  11. Chanel also have the GST is Dark Brown:yes::tup:
  12. I also use my Fall 2007 Bordeaux all year. It's a very versatile color. I also like the idea of a beige GST, but the bordeaux is really special.

  13. I would go for gray! looks very nice. and its neutral as well.
  14. I would say the grey or the caramel beige.. classics! Best of luck on your choice :tup:
  15. I'm going to be the outsider on this one but I'm going to say white!