GST at saks has gone up to $1750

  1. not sure if it's news to anyone, but i just found out that the price for the GST has officially gone up to 1750

    but that's not too bad i suppose, considering the increases on the classic flaps
  2. Wow, really? May I ask which Saks Chanel you called confirmed this? I hope it's not Saks NYC.
  3. I think the official increase was Feb. 1
  4. That's what I paid for mine after the increase.
  5. darn that sucks, i hate price increases.
  6. well, i was told that GST at Saks didn't make the price increase, and that they were still at 1650...anyhow, theyare now 1750
  7. cross my fingers that bloomingdales hasnt increased their prices on the GST yet.
  8. ughhhhh... well, at least the increase is only 100$ compared to the flaps! ACK!! must get mine soon! thanks for the info

    --> anyone know where the GST is still being offered @ 1650??
  9. this has been confirmed for a while now, that's also what it went up to at NM.
    Some stores aren't raising the price until the backstock is sold through.
  10. darn!
  11. woo does that mean i can buy other backstock stilll
  12. only in some stores, very few I would assume.
    Chanel controls prices, so they really shouldn't be different in different stores.
  13. I was told that the GST was sold out everywhere in every color by two SAs... Is this true or are they still actually available somewhere?
  14. I just placed my order with Joseph in NYC saks, and he said the price is now 1750. The SA in new orleans saks told me 1650 but i dont think she knows about the price increase. All the NM i called are 1750.
  15. I can't imagine being able to get it for $1650. The bag I bought recently had the old price but the computers ring up the new price. If you do, it's a miracle!