Gst and CWC 2014 colors

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  1. Being a Chanel newbie the world of chanel still mesmerizes me whenever I think about it or see someone carrying thier chanel bag. I love seeing all the different color flapbag that people have collected throughout the years that being said I would like to ask everyone thier thoughts on the color of the GST and CWC for the upcoming season. I talked to my SA on Friday and she said that my botique will be receiving the CWC in silver with shw in lambskin and in black with shw in caviar and the GST as far as she knows will only be avalible in black and white. I really want to buy a GST and CWC and would like to know which colors do u think they will put out this season I fell in love with the patent CWC of last season and all the colors that they put out I hope they do spring colors like that again but any intel on any of the colors that these bags come in would be appreciated
  2. Keep your eyes peeled on the Authentic Chanel Finds thread, lots of people posts lots of intel from SA's there...
  3. Oh it's under the shopping link to get to that thread.

  4. thankyou I was trying to find a thread like that I really appreciate it :smile:
  5. I know GST comes in black, red, beige, navy and pink this season.

    My local NM got pink but was sold.

    I saw black in both gold and silver hw last Sunday and I know BG has black, navy and beige as of this past weekend!

    Good luck!