GSH WE in Anthracite or GSH Work in Murier!?


May 20, 2009
Los Angeles, CA and Hong Kong
I am in urgent need of some guidance / opinions / advice! SA in the HK Bal boutique is currently holding both for me.

I originally wanted a Weekender, but I am not crazy about the Anthracite color -- I was hoping for a "fun" color, but this is it. What I like about the WE is that I'm just dreaming about taking it with me on all kinds of travels! I travel a lot!

However, the work in the Murier is a much more feminine / fun color. But, is the Work going to be big enough as a carryon? Could it work as an overnight bag? :confused1:

Also, my friend pointed out that the downside of the Work is that it is going to be awkward to carry bc of the large size, it might be uncomfortable bc it has no long strap. So, can anyone advocate for a bright color bag vs. a more neutral color? OR alternatively, how much you love your WE vs. your Work or vice versa? I CAN'T decide! TIA!!


Oct 15, 2009
well for me work is just for everyday 'mommy' bag compared to WE is my 'mommy' weekend OOT bag where i need to put in jackets, bigger water bottle etc :biggrin:
i opt for darker as traveling bag tho. i voted anthra gsh WE


bag greed bug
Jun 4, 2006
summer land
i also voted for anthra we. to me the shape is more important than the colour.
i do bring my work for everyday use, and i used it for travel as carry on in plane, i even use it as an overnight bag for a 3 day travel to the beach, it fits my summer clothes.


Apr 18, 2006
For the function, Work is too small for me as a overnight/carryon bag. WE may suit your needs better. For the color combo, I like Murier SGH better than Anthracite SGH. I love Murier because it is a very feminine also wearable color. I personally feel SGH makes Antha color looks pale and washed out.

Sorry, I don't think I am very helpful here.


Jun 7, 2009
I like Murier. Just got my first bal, Murier City. You location is in LA and HK. Did you try getting one in LA? You might be able to still get a Murier WE w/ GSH. Plus it's cheaper in LA, I think. Good luck!


Jul 26, 2009
depends whether the things you put in are bulky clothes anot. whether its winter season or summer also does matter. i prefer the colour of murier more. how about you wait for other fun colours? :biggrin:


Apr 5, 2009
Size wise I think a WE would be better for travel for the extra space. However neither the WE or the Work have a shoulder strap, if you intend to use this as a carry on bag it might get pretty heavy with GH along with all your stuff in it. Have you considered a RH WE? I know you didn't put it out there but I vote for a RH Murier WE. Personally I love Anthra but if your not thrilled with Anthra don't' settle for it wait till you can get one in a color you LOVE. Also I would maybe look at other options for a place to buy, maybe you'll be able to find what your looking for somewhere else.


Feb 10, 2007
Weekender will be the best choice for travel~~~ Work will be too small~
Color wise... hard... I would go for a black weekender if you can~~~ as 2010 leather in black seems very good this year.
I have it in 2007 plomb and at least the color doesn't make it easily stained or discolored as its my travel bag.

I have the murier in part time.. but im extra careful with it as the color is a tad lighter.

So for travel get a black WE and for everyday get a murier work or part time ( has a strap!) good luck!


by the sea
Oct 13, 2007
I prefer the weekender to the work, love how it slouches and it's a better size for traveling. I also use the WE for an everyday bag, however I'm tall so it almost looks like a work on me.

As for colour, for a travel bag I'd go darker so would prefer anthra. But then I love grey bags, purple isn't so much my cup of tea. It's personal preference. Don't settle for something, wait to find what you truly love, otherwise you won't be happy and will eventually get what you originallyl wanted anyway.