GSH Violet Work is here + Comparison + My Collection ;-)

  1. First of all, I would like to give a BIG :heart:THANK YOU:heart: to kittenslingerie for the lead on this violet GSH work! Couldn't have found one without your help. :yes:

    This is my first foray into the work bag and with GH no less! I love this deep rich purple and how the silver HW sets it off. Leather is thick and smooshy and I can't wait to break it in even further!

    I've included another comparison photo to my 04 eggplant city. As the others with both eggplant and violet have said, the colors are extremely similar. Violet just seems a touch brighter and bluer IRL.

    And to break up the violet overload, my collection of b-bags! Clockwise from left: 07 vermillion day, 07 gsh violet work, 04 anis twiggy, 04 seafoam first, 07 plomb money wallet, 05 indigo first, 04 eggplant city, and 05 dolma day.



  2. Congrats:yahoo: your bag is gorgeous:yes: and your collection is TDF. :tup:I am going to dream about Violet all night tonight till i get mine.:p
  3. OH.... She is TDF!!!! I almost wish I'd have gotten the work instead of my brief... But I LOVE my brief too! Glad you love her. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. wow another beautiful violet with SGH - it's gorgeous and i love how the leathers on ALL the violets I've seen on tpf are thick and smooshy. Is it very hard to get a work with SGH without being on a waitlist ?
  5. congrats! don't forget to join the violet club!
  6. Thanks Nanaz, kittens, gingerale and fayden!

    gingerale: I never waitlisted at BNY because I didn't think to want the GSH work until I saw Fayden's GORGEOUS work! I got on a list at NM SF (my local store) and kittens posted that she had one on hold at the Troy NM so I immediately contacted her and got in touch with her SA. Apparently, I wasn't patient enough for my local NM to receive theirs!

    fayden: will do! :biggrin:
  7. CONGRATS! I'm gona die of anticipation very soon if my violet SGH work dont arrive soon! this combo is TDF! tPF isnt exactly helping me out here coz EVERYONES posting pics of violet every day!!! CONGRATS and ENJOY!
  8. COngrats on your new addition... its PuUUrty :tup:
  9. Wow - gorgeous! I really love GSH with violet. Congrats on a LOVELY bag! And your collection - what AMAZING colors! It's such a perfect, well-rounded collection...GORGEOUS!
  10. Oh MY!!! :wtf: :nuts: :tup: I think I'm going into overload seeing all these beautiful violets tonight!! I love your work!! You have a stunning collection...Congrats, murasaki!!! :yahoo:
  11. lovely!!!!!!
  12. TWO! Two VIOLETS! OMG ... and I am so :drool:ing over your stunning collection!
  13. Yummy!!!:drool:

    Thanks for the comparison pics:heart:

    They're both TDF!
  14. congrats on your beautiful violet work! gorgeous collection you have there.
  15. Stunning collection! Your new Violet Work is so beautiful! The leather on these bags is truly some of the best Balenciaga has ever released.