GSh Brief vs GSH Day vs RH Work for everyday black bag?

  1. Any input from you lovely ladies? I know some of you don't like the Brief b/c of the top opening? Why exactly is that? Hard to get into? I'm leaning more towards the Day or the Brief, but the Work is such a classic I thought I should consider it as well.

    Thanks so much!!!:love:
  2. I love the work style over the brief or day... so i say a work... esp in rh and in black! a real classic and chic! good luck!
  3. how about telling us how you dress for work? very formal as opposed to semi formal or even smart casual? cos i attach a different 'logic' to each style, and i genuinely feel that the proportion or style of the bag should be taken into consideration in a whole ensemble.

    w/o considering the clothes, i'd say the Work is just chic. i wear my Work with dresses of slim cut cos i don't like to look too feminine. like shoes, the bag does make or break a look. jmho.

    the Day to me is the most casual of the 3 styles. it's like a hobo, so it goes better with 'flowy' clothes... hope i make sense :shame: the colour of the bag also affects the image. eg a tannish colour is just more casual than a red or black one.

    so, to conclude, the Brief is really more suitable as a workbag. it's more structured, giving off a more no-nonsense image than the other 2 styles. don't want to go too deep into this with my anal logic. i try to be as objective as i can. i apply this to all bags, not just bbags.
  4. I love the work in black , I use mine daily, but the day in black with GSH is really nice as well but very diffrent. Casual yes but the GSH dresses it up a bid , ohhh sorry to not be a help
  5. Sassy... I previously owned a Rouge VIF City and a Navy Twiggy and neither were practical enough for me to use every day (colour and style) thats just me.

    I then got a Black Brief and I was totally in LOVE...

    For school, work, outings... I have been using this bag EVERY day since I got her.

    I find it the most comfortable wearing style of all three I have owed, and black goes so well with everything!

    It's easy to get in to... I dont have a problem with the opening at all.

    I am SOLD on the Brief and will get one in another colour in the future for sure!

    I vote for the Brief :tup:
    Brief_.jpg Wearing_Brief.jpg
  6. Thanks for all your replies! Right now I'm working in an art gallery, so I guess I would say that I dress "upscale casual or trendy", but definitely not "business". I usually wear pencil skirts, nice trousers, skinny jeans, or trouser jeans with heels. I'm thinking that the Brief might be a bit too structured for me. I'm also hoping to go back to grad school in NYC in the fall, so the Work would be practical for that. But I feel like the Work is almost too big for everyday use (I'm 5"10', BTW, and wear heels alot, so I think I'm just paranoid..LOL). I think I'm leaning more towards the Day unless I can find a yummy 05 Work b/c those are just the bomb diggity.:jammin:
  7. I only have the Day and find it very comfy on my shoulder and big enough for every day. hth.
  8. Esp since you work in an Art Gallery - go for the Work with Giant H/W!!!
  9. my favorite size for school and work is the work size!! if fits everything that i need. the rh work is slightly lighter than the gh so it really depends if you're comfortable carrying a bag bit heavier. i can't imagine carrying a gh work to school because of the weight.
  10. I love the Work - I think that a Work with RH would be a great choice, but, personally, I also really love the Work with GH.
  11. Hands pun intended, the Day is the ultimate in comfort and casual. I keep buying and selling the more structured bags, because though I love the look they are a PITA to handle compared to the "no hands," Day.

    That said, I'd look first for the 05 Work, just cause it will be gorgeous and classy. The Day is just a bit casual IMO for daily a daily work day. I'd buy the Day for everything else...especially school. Good luck.. Let us know when you decide!
  12. out of all the styles from your list, i love the work the best. love that it is a classic.
  13. what're trouser jeans? *hide* wide-legged ones? goodness, you can surely get away with big bags when you stand so tall. the Work isn't really that big. i find the City a better size for petites like me but it really doesn't carry alot (and i'm not the sort to lug my life in a bag). i love trousers too but take care not to use big bags with them. i only wear slim skirts/dresses or cig pants/skinnies with the Work.

    the Day in RH or GH sounds good, too! keep us posted what you decide or find in the end :biggrin:
  14. i vote for the work.. it seems like it will fit your needs best out of all the other choices! HTH!