Gryson's Sale site us back up

  1. Some different bags than last time...and hopefully less trouble.
    And of course...My Tate Rust is not available. There's not alot of color variety but maybe there is something someone wants.
  2. They have the Jasper & Tate bags in woven blue jean - it's not a Skye or Olivia, but it's woven blue jean!

    I know there are Tate owners out there - what about Jasper?

    Thoughts on those two bags? Tate vs Jasper - which would you choose???
  3. They have some (better) deals on active endeavors for gryson right now! For example, the woven skye on gryson is $700, and the blue jean's not available. Those same 2 colors (white and natural)on AE are $498, plus I think the "apologies" code is still good for 25% off!
  4. I'd choose Tate. Jasper's too big in my opinion.
  5. Gryson will be sending out an email to all members on their mailing list to announce the "sale" later today.

    FYI the woven jasper is really really heavy (according to Wade from Gryson).
  6. not cheap enough to hook me especially since I know some people have been saying they've gotten steals at Nordstroms rack for some of these same bags