Gryson's Resort line....Ahhhhhh!!!

  1. Have you seen these beauties? Not many are available on but they just showed up there so maybe they'll be adding them soon. Some seriously stunning bags...and seriously expensive. Oh How I'd love a Python Olivia.

    I'm on the endless journey of trying to find a Woven Tate in Rust on sale. This just isn't meant to be I suppose. I can get one in woven bluejean but I already have that in a Skye. And Natural looks too blah and too close to my Regular leathered Tate in Camel.
    If anyone spots a Woven Tate in Rust...please send it my way!!!
  2. Gorgeous! :drool:
  3. Wow! I've wanted a python forever. Just stunning!
  4. I've joked with some friends on wondering if I could sell my husband for the price of a Python Olivia....LOL And what about that Metallic Tate. The Tate is my favorite Gryson bag probably and now they had to go put it out in a TDF color!
  5. I love looking at them too :girlsigh:I heart Gryson.
  6. Love these, they are all gorgeous!! My favorites are the Jesse and Josey, too bad those two are shiny/patent leather-looking, I like the regular leather look without all the shininess.
  7. Beautiful but soooooo expensive!