Gryson's Olivia in White with Tan?

  1. HI there, well I as always I am bag obsessed. I currently have a black Skye and while I like the style, think the bag is too small. I am in the market for a white bag and like the color combo of the Olivia w/Tan. Do you like it with the dark brown better?

    I wanted to ask what you girls thought and those with the bag, how you like the size.

  2. I love any Gryson bag. The quality is superb. I myself do not prefer white bags. I have a Skye in Chocolate and a Tate in Camel. But the bag looks great.
    As for the size, the Olivia is too big for me. I am very happy with the size of the Skye especially since you can open it and get a new squared off look with more room. It depends on what you carry.
  3. Jen, I have two Skyes, and love 'em. I felt that the Olivia was too big for me. I just don't carry that much stuff. However, my sister-in-law has an Olivia and I was so amazed at how the bag looks on her. She is only 5'2" and the bag does not look like it overpowers her. I think that's because of the slouchy nature of the bag. It just sort of snuggles into your waist like it belongs there. I think it would be a great bag to have because it has the potential to hold so much when you need it, and the fact that though big it is not "in your face" about it. May be on by wish list for spring now! I really love the white with dark brown trim! Chocolate brown is huge in my wardrobe, and I love that there's a white bag out there that would be so great with all my chocolate!