1. I suggest that you do a search on the Forum for Gryson, you will find some threads discussing this brand.
  2. Thanks will do
  3. Purseblog had several entries for Gryson, as does BagSnob, who named Gryson an "It" bag. I've seen them IRL and they are gorgeous. Gryson is definitely one of my next purchases.
  4. Maui, I had a smoke Gryson Skye, and the quality was outstanding. I'm not one to say that lightly, too. I think it definitely measures up to, and even exceeds, other bags that are $1000+. It even had a suede lining, for goodness sakes.
  5. The big "discussion" seems to be in the size of Skye vs. Olivia. Some say Skye is too small, others say it is just right, some say Olivia is too big, others say it is just right. My concern, as always, is the slouchiness of the bag. I don't like it when you have to paw through a mess of stuff to find what you're looking for. It is just too unruly a way to live. And I fear the Olivia, while a good size, would just encourage stuff to all gather in the dark down there... I am very interested also in the Heidi Turnlock Tote bag, which I think is gorgeous.
  6. Maui, Regarding the eBay bag. I would proceed with caution here. I recognize this photograph as one that was originally used by a major on line retailer. What I mean is that the photograph is not of the actual individual bag that the seller has in his/her posession. The seller has borrowed a photo, rather than taking one of the actual bag being sold. Also, there have definately been knockoff Grysons sold on eBay. The Skye and the Rachel are the two styles that are confirmed to have been replicated. It is possible that the bag is authentic, but I think this is risky business!:shrugs:

    You can wear the Skye on your shoulder with the shoulder strap. The braided handles can fit on your shoulder, but not over a jacket, and not if you are anything other than really slim.;)

    Also, go to for more info on the brand, and about Joy Gryson. I think the bags are awesome!!
  7. I was also going to say that the auction didn't look 100% safe to me. Low feedback, no pics and the use of stock pics.
    Gryson's inner lining rocks! I mean really seriously rocks. Nice and tacked down and beautiful to look and touch. Nice heavy duty zippers. These bags are quality through and through.
  8. I have the skye in smoke and think it's a great bag. Not too small and not too big...just right. The materials are luxe. I've worn mine sparingly, because I switch my bags around alot, so I can't speak for hard wear and tear.

    To me this is a great fall/winter bag because of the color and the rich suede. I like lighter/brighter stuff for spring/summer.

    The opening is big enough that you can see everything in the bag, so it's easy to find stuff.
  9. I LOVE Gryson hand bags. I have the skye in camel and the ava in burgundy and I hope to buy the Heidi this summer. The sizes of each are great for every day bags. I don't tend to keep lots of little stuff in my bags, so things don't tend to pool at the bottom, but I can see how that could be a problem.

    the previous posters seem to have covered most of your questions, but I just have to put my two cents in any time anyone asks about Gryson:smile:
  10. I just got my first gryson- gray Lexi and I really like it- the quality seems great and the style that I got is reminiscent of MJ, whom I adore.
  11. I just got the Olivia and have been quite impressed with the overall craftmanship, great leather, zippers, lining, etc. My only complaint is that when you don't have very much in it (won't really be a problem for me since I seem to carry my life) the bottom droops. It also can get a little heavy but I guess that's the price you pay when you get a thick, sturdy leather.
    As for the eBay listing, definitely ask for more pictures!!!