Gryson Zoe - yay or nay??

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I like Gryson bags...the detailing is really nice. I haven't seen the Zoe IRL, so I'm not sure about it. But, judging by the picture, it's a yay!
  3. Yay!
  4. Yay.
  5. big YAY
  6. to me, there's nothing distinctive about it... Unless the leather is TDF (I've never seen Grysons in person).
    What is the price?
  7. Supposedly - the leather is TDF as well as the hardware and the suede inside. It was $850ish but The purse store is having a 30% off sale!! I did get it and should arrive tomorrow so Ill post pics!
  8. Nay for me, but I really like the Skye, and can't wait for Gryson's new S/S line to come out.
  9. I just can't get into Gryson...

    maybe someday though.
  10. This style is not for me. The Skye, or Olivia are much nicer IMO, but they are also much more casual. Maybe I don't like it because dressier bags don't appeal to me much.
  11. my friend has the Zoe and she wears it all the time and gets SO MANY compliments!