Gryson Zoe Hobo: Learning Curve

  1. As some of you know, a few months ago I purchased from Neiman's, a Gryson Zoe Hobo in black. I had not seen it IRL, and it was on sale.
    Well, now I can see why it was discontinued. It "looked" great online. However...the shoulder strap is too thin for the weight of the bag. The ends of the shoulder strap curl all over the place with nowhere to go, making it look messy. The shoulder pad slides around on the strap. The poor bag is a mess.
    I'm thinking of writing to Gryson -- but why? What can be done? Simply a bad design. This really makes me shy away from buying things online without seeing IRL. Additionally, it is only after using it for a week, that the defects made themselves perfectly clear. :sad:
  2. I had a very similar experience as you; ironically, it was also with a Gryson handbag, a style called the Ava satchel which I am pretty sure has also been discontinued. The pictures online looked so nice, especially the buckle strap that went over the top of the bag! Well, in real life, that buckle strap is nothing but a hinderance. Forget the "easy release trigger" that was in the description; it takes a few seconds to release the buckle by the easiest method (weaving the strap through). I tried just leaving it unbuckled but that heavy thing just hangs like a deadweight. If I leave it buckled and try to access the interior by going around it, it is nearly impossible since it is quite wide and blocks the inside zippered pocket, which is where I put my wallet. Augh!!!
  3. Oh I agree about the "trigger" lock. The little cylinder doesn't stay inside the lock -- if you move at all, it falls out. Gryson designers: if you are reading this forum, please listen to these comments. We have paid dearly for your design mistakes!
  4. I have both a Heidi and a Sophie and have not had any problem with the trigger lock. The pin stays (very) firmly in place no matter what I'm doing. Have you considered contacting Gryson to have the lock fixed?
  5. Good idea Melly. I just emailed them. I'll let you all know what happens. Thanks!
  6. Hmm, in my case, the trigger lock worked *too* well. I could hardly pull the friggin thing out. Well....who knows...
  7. I think it is safe to say they will probably banish all trigger locks from their designs... Disaster. Disaster at an expensive price.
  8. The more I carry my now sloppy looking bag...the angrier I get. This is a lot of money I'm talking about! This should not happen!
  9. I must report that I received an email today from Peter Gryson, apologizing for the faulty trigger lock, and offering to send me a new pin. So...that's something! Good customer service. The power of the Purse Forum prevails!
    Thanks everyone!