Gryson Zoe Hobo Arrived: Lessons Learned

  1. Hi Ladies -- my Gryson Zoe Hobo arrived. As you know, I live in Mexico and cannot return. It is just "okay." Because it is a classic hobo shape... good for travel... I'll keep it. Maybe I'll end up loving it and using it a lot. But if I had seen it IRL, I would not have bought it. (Sorry, don't know how to post pix, so if one of you can post a pic, be my guest.)
    Lesson learned: NEVER buy without seeing IRL.
    Lesson learned: The sizes listed on the NM website (where I bought from) have nothing to do with the bag. The bag is MUCH bigger than the sizes listed. Be warned for your future bag purchases.

    I can see why Gryson discontinued this bag. It is neither here nor there and it is sort of a clunky hobo. Beautifully made though, and it shows, suede lined, but somehow confused about its identity. Maybe when it softens up it will fall properly. By the way, for those concerned with "heavy" Grysons, this one is not heavy.

    Good thing I bought on sale. NOT worth the $995 of retail price. BARELY worth the $615 sale price.

    It will make a great bag for when I'm traveling to New York on business -- striding up Mad Ave. with a large, black, chic hobo, holding everything I need. Look for me! :balloon::cool:
  2. Hi, me again. Well, it is growing on me. When I wear it, it slouches very chicly. I think it is an "under the radar" bag. You have to have inherent good taste (which I, have...) to recognize this sleeper. So, yes, it will do me very nicely.
  3. OOOOH I would love to see pics! I'm just discovering gryson and I'm eyeing two bags on sale now. Congrats on the new bag, glad your feeling better about it.
  4. I'm glad you are liking it! That didn't take long...probably by tomorrow, you will LOVE it!! (at least, I hope so!):tender:
  5. Do you have a picture? I'm not all that familiar with Gryson bags.

    Sometimes that happens to me too. I think I'll just die if I don't get a particular bag and then when it comes I'm under-whelmed. As yet, though, I've never regretted my purchases for very long. Hopefully you will love it soon!
  6. Thanks for letting us're right - there's nothin' better than seeing IRL, but not everyone has this luxury! I too think that the measurements given on the NM website are pretty off.....I try to find other websites that have the same product to compare info/sizes that are given. When you really think about it - NM really does a lousy job of showing photos, giving info, etc...but this is another story.
    Glad that you are liking your purchase more n' more.....:smile:
  7. Congrats TropicalGal! I have a Gryson Olivia and I LOVE it! I think Gryson's got a great future. The leather on the Zoe looks very similar to the Olivia, and my bag continues to soften everytime I use it, esp in places where the leather "puckers" or gathers (and when the leather is "moved" alot, like all around the main zipper). And the lining is TDF!! Sometimes I look for excuses to go inside my bag just so I can see, touch & smell the lining!!

    I know you said you couldn't post pics, so for those who want to know what the bag looks like - here it is at BG

    I don't know if there are diff sizes, tho, because TropicalGal said it was orig $995 and on sale for $615. This one was orig $825, on sale for $619. But it's definitely the Zoe hobo.

    Gorgeous bag! (BTW, what color did you get?)
  8. ^
    Thanks for posting the picture. Now I can definately say that I like that bag. It would be good for every day.
  9. Oh, it's a gorgeous bag!!! Congrats, I think you're gonna end up loving her.
  10. I love Gryson. It helps if you are worried about the weight of the bag to take the ID tags off. I have 2 of their bags, an Elissa and an Olivia. The Elissa is great for going out and the Olivia is great for every day. They have them on sale at right now:

    It's definitely worth a look!
  11. iluvmybags: Thanks for posting the pic. And you're right, I got the price wrong. It was 825, down to 615. I bet it will even go lower.

    I got the black one. Now I'm set with black bags: I have the Darel 24-Heures. (drapey) Tod's Moccassino. (tailored) Mulberry Rosemary. (edgy and cool) And this hobo. (chic, slouchy, for travel) That's it for me with black.

    I guess I had a picture in my mind and when it came, it was different, of course It is a lot wider than I thought. But it is draping nicely and looks very luxe.
  12. Oh TropicalGal, I can hardly stand it! I feel much better since reading this whole thread, but felt so sad when I read that you were initially disappointed in your Zoe! It's hard when you have a picture in your mind without the advantage of seeing a bag IRL! Of course we tend to interpret pictures with the most positive spin, and sometimes reality just can't measure up. I bet it will be just as you say, the real Zoe will reveal her charms as you use and get to know her, and pretty soon you'll forget all about that fantasy Zoe. Anyway it is pretty cool that you now own one of the bags from Joy Gryson's premiere collection! Congratulations!
  13. Thanks Romeolady. You are so sweet! Yes, I feel like I got a real collector's item...definitely "cool." I have decided this hobo is fabulous and UNIQUE. Not a lot of these out there...

    The women who received it for me and brought it to me have of course never heard of Gryson. But WE know, don't we!? Thanks for all your support ladies.

    Now I'll sit back and watch you buy YOUR bags. I'm done for quite a while. (But don't haunt me with this in the future...! I still have my Belen Echandia order to pick up in July in London.) Gee, that makes me sound like a jetsetter, and really, all I do is live in Mexico all the time...
  14. Emily...glad you made mention of those darn hangtags. I felt a little bad about removing them but they added unnecessary weight to the bag. Gryson's quality is unbeatable but I have to say that some of their designs leave me confused. I am sticking to the Skye/Tate style bags and hope to get a woven this Fall. I haven't been enamored by any other of their styles although I am sure the quality carries through with them as well. If all I ever have is a Tate and a Skye then I will be happy to have 2 remarkable bags.
  15. I'd luv to hear back from you in a month or so, after you've used the bag several times. Just to see how the leather's softened, and if it's gotten easier to carry. That's the great thing about Gryson bags (besides the quality and workmanship) - the leather gets better & better w/age & use. While a newer bag might be stiff and awkward to carry, the more you use it, the softer it gets and probably easier to carry. (I also think using a little product like a conditioner softens it a little initially).