Gryson Woven Tate in blue jeans....

  1. This is a Gryson Woven Tate in blue jeans purchased during their sale online.

    I must say this bag is of the highest quality and the woven detail is simply marvelous. The interior is suede (not suede-like fabric but the real thing). And the zippers have large, chunky hardware that is a great touch.

    The Tate is shaped somewhat like a square and a little bookpackish in size. I preferred the side unsnapped as this freed up even more space inside. And the shoulder straps are a little thin and stiff but they do the job intended.

    After carrying her for a couple of days I do think the Gryson Skye is a better fit style-wise for me because I love satchels. I may hunt for a woven Skey someday, time will tell.

    All in all though, the Tate is a well-made bag with great visual appeal.
    TateFront.jpg TateFlapsDown.jpg TateSide.jpg TateCloseupWoven.jpg TateInside.jpg
  2. I like the color combo on that - very nice!
  3. Ooo that's cute! Agree with kbell, love the brown and blue combo. The leather looks yummie! Congrats!! Where did you get it?
  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for posting these pics because I just ordered a Jasper in blue jean from their sale. :tup:
  5. gosh it's pretty :drool:
  6. Price?
  7. It's gorgeous! Enjoy!
  8. Beautiful!
  9. Gorgeous!
  10. Lovely Tate! I really like it in that color combo!
  11. Oh wow, it is stunning.
  12. Wow! This bag is so tempting! I love the woven leather. :drool:
  13. Jeez, between that and your blue baca, I am :greengrin:green with jealousy!
  14. That is SOME hot bag! :heart: I'm getting one just like it. ;)