Gryson work tote-opinions please

  1. Thanks in advance ladies.

    So, I need a new work bag, big enough for note book, etc. Maybe my laptop in a protetive sleeve if need be.

    Awhile back I had been eyeing the Lexi, but decided it wasn't worth the price, of course, now it's on sale and the price is right.
    So, do I go for the Lexi, or do I hold out for the Heidi. It's out of my price range for now, but I'm hoping it will hang around long enough to either go on sale or for my savings account to increase. Both are the right size for my needs.

    What do you think?

    Lexi-on sale for $450
    Heidi (but I would go for black black)-full price $955
  2. I'm a fan of structured bags, so I say hold out for the Heidi. I like how sleek it looks and that it has the option of being a hand-held or shoulder bag.
  3. I like the Heidi better. The shape of it looks better for a laptop, not to mention that it has a convertible strap.
  4. I like the lexi - go for it while it's on sale!
  5. I like the Heidi!
  6. Another vote for the Heidi!
  7. heidi in black :yes:
  8. definitely the Heidi. it's beautiful.
  9. Heidi here as well... And I'm in the exact same situation...
    I'd wait it out.
  10. i like the heidi better in this situation. i'm sure it's nicely made, but the lexi doesn't look luxe at all. i have the olivia though and i think that is a great work tote, especially if you don't need the structure. and you can wear it as a shoulder bag or hand carry.
  11. My vote is for the Heidi as well
  12. Black Heidi seems most work approps to me
  13. A vote for Black Heidi (doesn't that sound racist???)
  14. I'm leaning towards the Heidi in black. It seems more appropriate shape for work, more structured maybe, if that makes sense.