Gryson website?

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  1. I'm not sure where to ask this but I searched the forum and didn't find much on it... I remember going to their website and viewing a bunch of their handbags before but when I go now there's nothing there --- no link, no info, nothing. Gryson is still making handbags, right?! I'm worried she may be no more because I love her bags and really, really wanted to purchase one soon! :sad:

    If anyone has any info on what's happened to her site I'd be very appreciative! Google hasn't given me any answers either.
  2. was on the Gryson website a few weeks ago and nothing

    maybe because she now is with MCM?

    but the Olivia Harris line is a lower end Gryson line

    I own 2 Gryson bags
  3. I have one and want to have more.
  4. What is Gryson website? How can this be so useful for me?