Gryson website is working! Check out Spring Line!!

  1. :yahoo: Finally!! Check it out ladies! I just visited the new GRYSON website, at The bags are amazing. The colors are TDF. The prices-- a bit higher:crybaby:
    But I think a some of the new bags are way cool. I can't even believe how awesome the woven ones look. And that Blue Jean color:love: It looks like that's gonna be on quite a few bags. Even the Skye. I have two Skyes already!! How amazing it would be to have a "gorgeous blue Skye" to carry around everyday! Is there a limit? Don't answer that!! :s
  2. They bags are just gorgeous. I'm in love with the citrus color on the smaller bags. All I have to do now is choose between the Elissa and the Linda-I'll definitely need to see them in person though:yes:

    The price increase isn't huge, but its definitely noticeable. Neiman Marcus and some other stores still have the Olivia and Skye on sale at the lower price. I wonder if they'll raise the prices on the current stock since some of the colors are the same, or if only the newer bags will be more.
  3. hmmm...the new bags remind me of Balenciaga...
  4. I never heard of this brand before until I saw this posting. They do look like Balenciaga. Are they as soft and flexible as Balenciaga also?
    I would like the Tate in that color. Its cute.
  5. Oh, dear, I want so many of those bags. I agree with you, Romeolady, that the Skye in Blue Jean is a must-have bag!