gryson vs. linea pelle

  1. ahhhhh! i can't decide! i want something wonderful and smooshy, that i can carry almost my life in, and that i can carry on my shoulder or from my arm. i was looking at a gryson skye/olivia or linea pelle's dylan. i want something fairly sizeable, but i'm not very big, so i don't want to be overwhelmed by it.

    any opinions? how comfortable/convenient are they to carry?

    also, if anyone owns any of these and has pictures, i'd love to see how you rock your bags! thank you!! :smile:
  2. I love my two gryson woven skyes...they're perfect for me, but I wouldn't really call them smooshy. "Smooshy" makes me always think of Gustto bacas...which I highly recommend. Can't go wrong with either!
  3. Wow, they are really different bags - and at such different price points as well.
    Grysons are made in Italy - LP in China.
    In terms of just quality of materials, the Gryson is a higher caliber and thus the price reflects this.

    The Gryson Skye, IMO is a medium sized bag - leaning more towards the small size. The leather version is nice - I like the option of using the shoulder straps or not - but IMO, it can get pretty heavy. Also, the zippers are really tight at first, so you have to work 'em, so to speak. The leather is thicker and with the suede interior - again - a heavier bag. If you're thinking of the larger size - than my word - it will be heavy. The look of the bag is more tailored/polished. By the way, I have the Skye in Nylon cuz it's much lighter than the leather and got a good deal on it (part of the Gryson 43 - but that's a LONG story). I'm short and don't carry too much and the Skye is packed full.....

    As for is softer, smooshy leather. The designs of most of their bags is an unconstructed look and it is of lighter weight. I find LP to be more of a casual looking bag. I think it is a well made bag and they have always appealed to me for their "squishy" factor.

    Hope this helps.
  4. i have both the lp dylan double handle and gryson 1 olivia 1 skye

    i love each one! smooshy def. goes to the lp you can wad it into a ball
    the grysons are thick soft leather but i wouldnt say smooshy

    i personally dont think the olivia is that heavy sure its substantial but i def wouldnt say heavy! :smile:

    Also size i think that the gryson olivia and the LP dylan double handle are similar in size but the LP is much smooshier and lighter weight
    BUT also not as polished looking
    the craftsmanship on the gryson on amazing
    on the LP its nice, its well made but cant compare in craft!

    haha i doubt this helped as i love both bags a lot :smile: but hey its an opinion :smile:
  5. hahaha aaaagh! you guys are amazing, thank you SO much for answering my questions with all your excellent advice.

    i'm still so stuck though, because like all of you have said, there are reasons to love them all and they are very different bags!! maybe the only solution is to get all of them..which i can't afford to do!!??? boooooo...
  6. I know you said you want "smooshy" leather, but what type of look do you want it to have? I don't own a Gryson but from what I understand, the leather is beautiful, smoothe and flawless i guess you could say. I ordered a Dylan from LP because I wanted a smooshy bag, but it is a "washed" leather so it naturally has flaws in it. When i got it, it looked kinda like it was used or it had gone through the spin cycle! Some people love that worn look, but its just not for me. So even though I liked Dylan style and smoosh, I sent it back because i didn't like the look of the leather. Not sure if that helped, but just to give another look on your decision. :smile:
  7. i just got the linea pelle dylan speedy in black and it is one of the most amazing leathers i've ever felt...gotten tons of compliments on it and it holds a lot of stuff and keeps it shape...i highly recommend it!
  8. I have both the dylan double handle and the olivia. I like the dylan much better. They are both pretty big bags, but the dylan is so smooshy that it doesn't seem all that large. And it's pretty light. The olivia is pretty structured, and holds it's shape. It's almost too big for me. They are very different price points, too. I use the dylan for everyday because it seems like it can take a lot of abuse.

    I just read that back and it sure doesn't help too much, does it? Sorry.

  9. yes it does!! thank you!!! :smile:

    you reminded me of something else important to consider - my bags need to be able to take a lot of abuse! i do want something fairly sturdy - if im dragging it around with me chances are i'll be throwing a few books and/or a laptop into it, and it's annoying when the bag is soooo soft and shapeless that everything moves around. at the same time, it would be nice to have a bag that looks good worn in, since that's probably what i'll do to it before long anyway :smile:
  10. Another thing that I think is with the olivia being so much more expensive, I tend to be wary of any abuse it may incure. I think I'm probably old fashioned that way - but it's a lot of $.
  11. When you said throwing books and a laptop, I can't really imagine an LP holding up? I've seen some of them and they ARE smooshy but looks thin compared to Gryson bags, which look sturdier and the lining is suede. So it's really hard for it to get ripped, that's why I only get bags with leather or suede lining. Am I right, Gryson owners? I'm still waiting for my Skye in the mail, will add more info asap!
  12. Squishy is LP and structure is Gryson. I have both brands but they are both very different brands and as someone else said, LP is more casual. I do however find myself wearing gryson more since it's more polished.
  13. I, too, was very interested in both the Gryson Skye and the Dylan Bowler. I was not able to see the Dylan IRL, but I went to Nordstrom and found both the Skye and the Olivia. For me, 5'4" 115 lbs, the Olivia was waaaaay too big and the Skye was just a little too small. I ended up blindly ordering the Dylan Bowler sight unseen online, which I am completely in love with. It is an incredible squishy perfect bag! Make sure you go with the Dylan Bowler (many of the Dylan styles look similar), which is a perfect size bag (15" x 10") because a co-worker of mine has the Dylan Double Handle and it is HUGE!
  14. Anyone ever try emailing the LP website?? I find that thy never reply to my emails and that really irritates me. Also, being in Canada their shipping is super expensive. Anyone know of any other websites that has a large selection of LP's?

  15. I bought my LP Dylan Bowler from They are soooo nice there and they respond to emails super fast. They are also having a Christmas sale right now. They don't have a selection as broad as the LP website, but I think there customer service was great. I had emailed them about the bags being made in China (I was under the impression they were made in Italy) and they contacted me back that they would look into it, then they contacted LP and emailed me all this info that they received from LP about the bags, how and where they are made. Oh, and then they followed up with me when I got the bag to make sure I was pleased. Maybe you can try their website.
    Good luck!