Gryson vs Kooba vs Bulga vs Botkier vs HH

  1. I noticed that a lot of members' collections include bags from Hayden-Harnett, Kooba, Gryson, Bulga, and Botkier. Out of these, which brand is your favorite, and why?

    They all seem to make high-quality bags within the same price range, but how would you rank these brands in comparison with each other based on leather quality/craftsmanship alone (from 1 to 5, with 1 being the best, for example)?
  2. Kooba. I love them b/c of their styling and their leather quality ... they are all around most appealing to me. They smell delish too :yes:

    I like other brands and am starting to explore them more but I always come back to Kooba it seems.
  3. I own one of each of Botkier, Kooba and Gryson. On the question of quality/craftsmanship, if 1 is the best for a mid-level bag, then I would give Botkier a 3, Kooba a 4, and Gryson a 2. If 1 is the best for any level bag, then I would drop each score by one.
  4. I have many Koobas, several Botkiers, and 2 Grysons. I love them all ALOT. Kooba is my first choice for leather. But Gryson has great craftmanship. The inner bag is as spectacular as the outer bag. Kooba has my vote for variety of styles, and leather quality.
  5. I think I like Kooba best. I have yet to own one, but I will be an owner of one soon. The leather and quality are outstanding! I also love the urban styles they make.
  6. I too love Kooba the best....
    I am biased as I never owned any of the brands you listed besides Kooba..
    But I am always so satisfied with Kooba that I don't feel the need to purchase other brands in the same price range..
  7. I have to agree w/ the other Kooba lovers here. I just got the Kooba Brynne in Oak, and the leather is outstanding! Nice and thick, but not too heavy. This just feels like a bag that's going to last a long time. I confess I've never owned any of the other bags, but IMO Koobas are popular for a reason...IME they're *very* well made.
  8. Oops! Double Post-yikes!
  9. I love the Bulga for super soft leather, Botkier for all of their hidden pockets which you can't outwardly see, and Kooba because I just love the style of their bags. They are all great handbags IMO.:yes:
  10. Bulga (a new favorite) and Hayden Harnetts are my favorites. I love the leather one both (Bulga would be #1, followed by HH). I like their styles, pockets, etc.
  11. I have 2 HH and a botkier, and I have to say I like the botkier the best so far. It's so incredibly light (I have the bianca, not a trigger), and easy to use, so I vote for botkier!
  12. Of those, I only have Gryson so I can't really compare. But I love the quality, style and colors of the Gryson bags.
  13. I like Bulga the best b/c the leather feels so soft. And then Kooba for their cute styles.
  14. I like all of those lines, but my pick would be Botkier for overall quality and functionality of design. The ones I have just work really well for me.
  15. Bulga..!!for its soft and buttery leather...
    it really really soft that makes me love her so much!!and babying it even more than my LV and caviar chanel.LOL!
    but seriously...i even manage myself to always wash my hands before grabbing it.LOL....

    well im biased though, since I just have Bulga from all of the brands above;p