Gryson up to 80% Off


    I don't know how come I missed this sale...most of them with 75% or 80% off are already sold out.

    Tate is only $175 (down from $875). Unbelievable!
  2. Great deals! Thanks for posting!
  3. Wow. You're right. What a great sale. I would totally get the white Jasper if I didn't already buy two white HH's today. Aah!
  4. holy gosh! tate is in my cart crap i cant afford to buy it ugh!
  5. ok seriously i cannot visit deals and steals again EVER! i just bought the tate in putty

    after this and the botkier i have on the way i have to do some serious closet cleaning! :smile: you guys rock my socks and suck my wallet dry! :smile:
  6. Waaah I missed the Tate in riverstone. :sad:

    Congrats on the Tate Bessie!

    Great deals! OMG must resist an impulse buy...
  7. Thank you for buying that b/c if you didn't I would have. Now there's only black left and the last thing I need is another black bag.
  8. haha :smile: you are welcome glad i helped your wallet

    i have the olivia in black so i dont need a black one, the putty looks like a nice color i hoppe it is,,,,
  9. How much is shipping/are there taxes? Haven't ordered from them before..but have a bag in my cart. Do you have to pay with paypal or can I pay with my credit card (don't want my mom to see how much it costs and I would have to use her paypal..but can use my own credit card). Thanks:smile:
  10. So you got the putty! I was trying to decide between black and putty, but chose black cause I don't need anymore brown bags.

    Thanks for posting, what a great price!!:yahoo:
  11. I used a CC

    there are both shipping charges and tax
    the regular shipping is $4.43 i paid for 3 day cause it was $6.60 seemed worth the extra few bucks

    then tax is by state so for me here in NYC on the tate at $175 it was $14 something,,
    :sad: I hate tax~ :smile:
  12. no TAX in CA!
  13. ^lucky!
    there may be no tax anywhere else except where gryson is located which is nyc
  14. REALLY wanted the Moni in Black and the Tate in Grey, but didnt get to deposit the check from thsi week yet!

    Moni is sold out and Ill have to cross my fingers and hope the Tate is still available in ANY color on Monday!
  15. MUAHHAHAHHAH! I participated in the enabling of a certain member buying a new bag here! **wink wink** I hope you love it!