Gryson Tote vs. Olivia

  1. Is the Gryson Tote heavy? Do you think this would be a good bag to take to Europe, because of the shoulder strap? For those of you who have Olivia, is it hard to find your stuff in this sacky/shapeless bag? Does it all disappear in the bottom? Which would you want, the Tote or the Olivia? Opinions please.
  2. Do you mean the Gryson Tate? I wasn't sure if there is a tote. I have the Tate and it's a nice bag. But I would have to say you might want a larger bag. It's only 10 x 10 and only a tad bigger than the Skye.



  3. Hi. I mean the Heidi style, Trigger lock. At Bergdorf. BGOS7_VO19A. In your Tate or Olivia, is it too unstructured a bag?
  4. It is more unstructured than not, I'd say. But if you open up the sides it turns into a square which gets rids of folds in the corners.
  5. Thanks Kooba Queen. Does your stuff get all lost inside? I have a Gerard Darel Drape bag, and it is so smushy that when I put it down, it gets all shapeless, and finding something in it is a drag. I'm wondering if the Olivia/Tate/Skye is the same situation?