Gryson- teal or grey and skye or olivia?

  1. Just curious! Sorry, I'm stuck using old computer (husband "broke" the new one, sigh!)- please see pictures at: (teal and grey skye found here) (sale items) for olivia in teal.

    All are so pretty :smile:
  2. the olivia with white handles is on sale at
  3. Bumping- and pictures added! Come on- I'm sure you opinionated ladies want to put in your 2 cents :smile: You don't have to be a Gryson expert- just someone with an opinion :smile:
    Okay- here is grey Skye:
    And Teal Skye
    And Olivia (in teal, and on a person- for size)
  4. PS-sorry the pictures are HUGE- I am very, very technologically illiterate.
  5. Hmm - depends on what you carry with you from day to day, but I think the Olivia would be more functional for me. I would go with the grey. The teal is a gorgeous color, but that color with the white trim looks very summery to me. I think the grey with the white would be a little more versatile.
  6. Thanks for your opinion Greenpixie. You're probably right about the teal/white combo being more summery. I would hate to get one and have to wait all year to use it! Knowing myself, I would use something new even if it was summery just because I couldn't bear to wait!
    I just wonder how big Olivia is? Too me, it looks huge on that model. Size-wise I have a HH Havana Hobo which is perfect size- thought it would be too big, but ended up perfect. I just got a Louvre which is a great size too, though smaller. I would think I woulnd't have enough things to fill Olivia up with. Hmmmm
  7. They are both beautiful, it's a hard choice. But I would go w/ the grey w/ white trim. I think that the teal is such an strong color that you would get more use out of the grey, and there is no danger that you would tire of it over time.
  8. These are the measurements from the Gryson website for the Olivia: 17 x 9 x 12" Skye: 14 x 6 x 9"

    It does sound kinda big (the Olivia) - I wonder if that is with the sides unsnapped though??? Seems like those models for the bags are always so tiny, so I am never quite sure how the bag will compare IRL proportion-wise.

    For comparision, here are the measurements I found for the Havana hobo: 20"L x 14-1/2"H x 4-3/4"D

  9. Helps tons :smile: Thanks Pixie! And you're right-while it's really helpful to see the bags modeled, you still can't be sure of size (hello HH with your super tiny model!)
  10. Thanks for your advice Spirl; I'm so indecisive I need all the help I can get! Grey looks to be the direction I'm leaning. If only I could have both :smile:
  11. They're both great. I always wonder why that color's called grey though?? Looks brown or taupe to me!
  12. I have Skye and Olivia. I don't carry that much in my bags, Skye is more than adequate to hold all my stuff. But guess what? I prefer my Olivia even though it is 75% empty most of the time. There is just something about that luxurious expanse of leather. It drapes beautifully, and looks very different IRL than it does in pictures. It actually has a very slouchy sillhouette. To me it seems as though the lovely design elements of the bag are shown to their best advantage on the larger bag...You do however have to be comfortable with the look of an over-sized bag. I am 5'5" and I don't feel that the bag "looks wrong" on me. I took me about a minute to begin to fall in love with the look when I first tried it on IRL. Best of luck, you really can't go wrong!:tup:
  13. Thanks Romeolady- I love to hear the advice of our perenial, resident Gryson expert!
  14. the teal pops but the grey would prob last a longer impression. if you lack a bright colored bag in your closet, the teal could be a nice addition. but if you like a more subtle look, i say go for the grey.

    they are both beautiful.