Gryson Tate for $300

  1. I just ordered the Gryson Tate in Carmel from It's priced at $398 on sale, but toutie2007 gets you can additional 25% off. (The site says they don't apply coupons to sale items, but I called the store and they said the coupon went through.)

    That's more than a 50% savings off the retail price!!! :yahoo:

  2. Oh god, I'm so tempted. I just bought a new computer though! How practical!
  3. nice bag!
  4. that's a HOT bag! and thanks for sharing a super deal!
  5. I love that bag!!!
  6. Wow!! Thanks so much for the tip! I love this bag and have just ordered it! Woo Hoo!!!!
  7. this is a hot bag at a great price
  8. This is such a great deal! I'm soooo tempted...
  9. Thats a beautiful bag! Its on NM and Berg's in white for $798. I'm tempted.
  10. I'm very impatiently waiting for the burgundy to go on sale at NM.
  11. Beautiful bag! Are the coupons readily available?
  12. Gone!
  13. I'm so sorry I didn't get this bag! I've looked but the shops don't seem to carry Tate in camel anymore. Does anyone know where else I might try?
  14. I saw the Tate in camel at Neiman Marcus San Francisco about 10 days ago...
  15. I went on the site and found the nyc stores that carried it and I got it! I didn't get the great deal that bebe34 got, but I had to have it. This bag is gorgeous!! :yahoo:
    My obsession is underway!